Friday, August 14, 2015

Tar Wars

No, that's not a typo. My condo complex parking lot is getting repaved - the first time in 21 years (that's how long I've lived here). They've done touch ups over the years, filled in pot holes, repainted the lines and numbers of the parking spaces and so on but this year they're repaving the whole shebang.


But at the same stinks!! Hot tarry gooey paving stuff to my mind nose REEKS! And noisy!!  - it was an assault on the ears all day except when I got away from here to do errands. Luckily (luckily??) it was a hot and muggy day so I eventually closed all the doors and windows and put the A/C on. Then I forced myself to read a desperately good book to make myself feel better! (And I ate cookies!!)

And they haven't even got to MY street yet!! I guess I'll find somewhere else to shop hang out on Monday which is when they're supposed to start my street. Either that or I'll need more cookies.

Who knew there were paving jokes out there?!!

In other news...Sluggy and I might be related! Get working on that Harrison line Sluggy!

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