Friday, August 21, 2015

Foto Friday

I take lot of photos. Yeah, you didn't know that right? One feature of iPhotos on my laptop is it shows one year's worth of photos with the first ones being from one year ago. So I thought it might be cool to show a foto or two from a year back. Sort of like Throwback Thursday on facebook but I'll call it Foto Friday. 

 So here goes...what was happening in my wee world one year ago??

Apparently I went on a hike - here's a little shelter built out of branches and I do mean "little"! The roof needs a little work I think. Oh, and the walls...and a door...a door would be good.

I haven't been on a group hike for awhile. I have come to realize I don't like to be LED.  I am definitely not a follower. I prefer to find my own path. Even if I get lost. Deep. Very deep.

I call this "Shrooms on a Log."

And I call this "Blurry Tranquility".  Another reason I don't like big group hikes - I can't stop and take a proper photo!!

And I call this "The End"! See you next week for Foto Friday!

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