Friday, August 21, 2015

Summer Relaxation

Have you heard about adult colouring books yet?  They're supposed to be great at reducing stress! I read about them (somewhere?) and thought "what a great idea...why the hell didn't I think of it first?!"  The one pictured below is based on one of my favourite childhood books "The Secret Garden" and stores are having a hard time keeping it in stock! It was reprinted 5 times in 2013 and 6 times in each of 2014 and 2015 (so far)!! Wowzers - that's a load of cash!!

Well unfortunately I didn't think of the idea but I do have good memories about colouring with a best friend when we were in highschool and beyond. We enjoyed "playing" together as teenagers and young adults, sharing secrets, having a good laugh (and no doubt a few drinkies) while colouring took away any stresses we might have had. 

This gorgeous colouring book (for adults) comes with amazingly detailed pictures to colour and will no doubt keep me out of trouble and stress-free for years to come. I can't imagine (oh yes I can!) enjoying a few drinkies while trying to colour inside the lines!!

And now..... Luna and Lily would like to share what they're reading this summer...Luna has finished reading Alice Peterson's latest book "By My Side" which wonderfully illustrates the relationship between a disabled young woman and her "therapy dog"....did you enjoy it Luna? 

Yes, indeedy - it was a very tasty little book!

Over to you Lily - how did you enjoy "The Orphan Master"?.....Lily?... LILY?? I guess it was a bit of a snooze!!

To be fair I have to tell you that Lily hasn't read "The Orphan Master" yet so we'll check in with her later.  We're still working on Ken Follett's "The Century Trilogy" and we're almost finished the second 1,000 page tome called "The Winter of the World"!! Worth reading? Oh YES!! but you need to have lots of time on your me!!

I have quite the stack of books still to read this summer (and beyond). Fortunately (unfortunately?) I have a used bookstore close by and they have huge dollar bins!!

Four weeks til Annie and I the dusty trail (I'm hoping for dust as opposed to MUD) as we traverse Hadrian's Wall in England!! Woot woot!! Or should I say...pip pip!!

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