Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PRIDE Parade

I had so much fun interactively watching the annual PRIDE parade here in London last weekend. First of all it was really LOOOOOONG!, well attended and COLOURFUL! There were so many floats, so many people participating and thousands of folks lined up along the parade route. How times have changed...FOR THE BETTER!!

I can remember a time when it was considered dangerous/risky to attend a PRIDE parade or to even be supportive of and friends of LGBTQ people. I can remember riots occurring, people getting into fights and getting injured, even killed. I am so glad this wasn't the case at this year's parade. I saw only one anti-Pride demonstrator and he was dealt with in a kind and humorous way.

London's Chief of Police was the Grand Marshall - a huge step forward from a not so long ago time when police turned a blind eye except when things turned vicious. Now the police force and dozens and dozens of organizations and businesses turn out in force to support and celebrate everyone's uniqueness.

I took almost 200 photos - YIKES - but will share just a few:

While I watched the parade and saw all the children with their parents and grandparents I thought to myself:
"PRIDE has become all about families - isn't that wonderful?"

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ND Chic said...

That's a very colorful parade. Yes, it has become about families now. I do admit that I don't know to answer some of my daughter's questions about women marrying women.