Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tar Wars Episode Two

So I had my plans all ready to vacate the premises yesterday while the paving crew got busy (not that kind of getting busy!!) in front of my condo...but all for naught! They never showed up! I assume it was because two large Aluminum Associates trucks were parked out front of our fourplex because our condo corp. is also installing new sliding patio doors in every unit.

I moped around all day because they were installing patio doors near my unit and I really really hoped they'd get to my condo yesterday...again, no such luck! Not a good day to buy a lottery ticket.

Anyhoo I woke up nice and early to an earthquake this morning...oh no... that was just the asphalt truck - every time it dropped a bunch of asphalt I could feel the house shake and things going "tinkle tinkle" in the cupboards.
Hard at work!
What a feast for the senses! Tinkling, nasty odour, clanging and banging of the trucks - at least I didn't have to touch it! So I headed out for some shopping and meditation (great combo no?) - by the time I got back they were finished. Tomorrow the lines and numbers will be painted and all will go back to semi-normal. I imagine tomorrow or Thursday I'll be getting the patio doors installed as they are one unit away from me. I think that's it for improvements for this year.
Not hard at work! Coffee break! 
All done except for lines and numbers!

In other news...I've been hoping and praying for a good thunderstorm to clear the air around here - I'm sitting in my condo with the central air on and my skin is still "dewy". That's not as pleasant as it sounds.  Driving around today I thought my prayers had been answered as the sky grew darker and darker!

Yes, I'm driving around the city taking photos through the windshield! Talk about a great hobby! By the time I got to Shoppers Drugmart their parking lot was dampish. YES, I thought - the rain is on its way!!! Better be quick so I don't get caught in the storm!! A few minutes later I leave Shoppers and the parking lot was dry!! CRAP!! We received about 15 seconds worth of rain!!

My skin is still dewy. Not from the rain.

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