Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Big City Living

Sometimes life in the big city can resemble an episode of COPS!! Sunday morning in my condo complex was a good example. Around 10am I noticed a police car sitting in my parking lot - it was there for a long time. Two officers sat inside, and sat, and sat. 

Of course I felt guilty. I had parked my truck in my daughter's parking spot while she was in Chicago - were they here for me?? They were parked perpendicular to the parking spaces and their front wheels were sitting squarely inside my truck's assigned space. I started to sweat.....after what seemed like hours the two officers finally exited their vehicle and started walking towards...

a dark blue van parked further down the row of cars. I noticed it had no license plates - someone in the complex must have noticed the van abandoned in the visitor's parking area and called it in.
Wow - what drama!! 
The officers actually opened the doors of the van and looked inside!!!
Then they walked back to their police car.....to get their truncheons?? crowbar?? tasers??

No, to get into their police car...and...drive away!!!  It's ok Dougie, they're not after you...you can relax now!!  Phew, another bullet dodged!! 


  1. Why do we always feel guilty when police officers are near us?
    Jane x

  2. I too, feel nervous when officers are around. Hmmm, I wonder what they will catch me at. LOL
    Poor Dougie was probably really upset with his brush with the law.

  3. This just in.....Jane alludes apprehension yet again! Pictures at 11.

  4. I live in the small suburban town and I'm still always a little nervous when I see the police car parked on our street (thank the neighborhood...). And i don't even have anything to hide, I promise... I think, it's just in our blood :)

  5. Living out in the country it's a rarity to see police. usually we have the opposite reaction - peering out windows, people come outside to check out what they're doing. It's like an instant drama show for the neighbourhood.

  6. They were totally after you! A strange car in place of your daughter's car... totally suspicious. I am sure they were playing solitaire in their phones, one of them ran out of battery and asked the other officer to help him find their chargers on their wife's cousin's uncle's father's car.

  7. Hilarious! Living in Hamilton, we see a ton of police all the time!! Why is it, there is always that guilty feeling even when you haven't done anything!


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