Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's Sunday - Here are the Numbers

Ok, let's start with the items being brought home from school. Over the years many kitchen items have found their way to my kitchen at school. If I had a nickel for every time Kazi asked me - "where's the pizza cutter...where's the pie lifter etc" I would have enough nickels for maybe a Timmy's coffee.
So the utensils are marching their way home where they belong at long last. Along with a nice brown betty teapot, a smaller KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON TEAPOT  and my travel mug (I wondered where that was!)
 CDs are finding their way home too. I've given away a lot as I now keep all my music on my iPod, iPad etc. If a student liked a certain band or singer and I had one of their CDs I would give it to the student to listen to at school. I also took a lot into a 2nd hand store and made a little money.
And I found another of Kazi's books. I remember her getting this one from her Uncle Gord and Aunt Pat when she was only a year old. I will tuck it away with the rest of her picture books in the hopes of being a gramma some day! The plastic tabs will come in handy for my future "home office".

I think I'm way beyond an average of 3 things per day that I'm bringing home but that's ok. I've taken a lot from my home life to use at school...every teacher does that. Wouldn't it be nice though if when teachers retired they get reimbursed for all of those out of pocket expenses that we pay for over the course of our 20+ year careers?? Dream on Jane...

I've taken furniture to school too but won't be bringing any of that home.

Now for an update on the numbers!

  • 77 - the number of days until I retire!!
  • 9 - the number of days I've been waiting for my hefty tax refund - it could be another 9 days too as the Canada Revenue agency has suspended operations until they have "patched" up the damage caused by the Heartbleed virus
  • There have been a number of 1st's this week too: first day sitting in my wee backyard; first Saturday afternoon sitting outside on the patio at the Village Pub!! and best of all - the first time I rode my bike outside!!! Wheeeeeeee!
  • 13 - the number of days of only drinking juice based on the "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" website
  • 7 - the number of pounds I've lost so far
  • 8 - the number of pounds I'd still like to lose before the end of June
  • 0 - the number of cups of coffee I've had in the last 2 weeks
Yesterday at the Village Pub I had my first solid food in two weeks! I ordered a Mediterranean pizza with a gluten-free crust made from rice flour and quinoa flour. It had feta cheese, tomatoes and whole black olives - so much flavour - I savored every morsel! I will continue to have juice once or twice a day and maintain a diet of mostly vegetables in hopes of losing 8 more pounds.

I accomplished a lot last week. Midterm report cards are completed (only 1 more set of report cards left to do :) , I sent my letter of intention to retire to the school board(in order to qualify for the $5,000 bonus) and I completed my online pension application too. Happy happy me!

Today's job is to revamp my clothes closet as I am hoping I won't need my winter sweaters anymore and I'd like to get out a few spring tops/pants for school. (I ACTUALLY WORE SANDALS YESTERDAY!!)

So on that spring note I'll move on from here and get busy. If the rain holds off I might get in another bike ride.  This is me riding my bike in PEI,and yes, that picture was hard to take:



Holly Nelson said...

Wow??.getting close enough to start thinking about packing up your stuff!
Super exciting!!

ND Chic said...

Love the selfie!

barb said...

Love the selfie on PEI.
WOW u do have a lot of stuff at school!

Michelle said...

Jane! I've been watching for an update here. I know life is busy for you but, man, oh man... are you on a roll or what! I'm thinking if I start on the guest room now, it just might be in good order for your arrival. LOL! Actually, it's just in need of some serious dusting. There's no way to clutter it up (just don't look under the bed). :)

kim said...

Wow, this really is going to happen.

Sharon said...

love those numbers! Congrats on the weight loss, I'm a wee bit jealous as my scale keeps going up. Time for action, that's for sure! Oh, and no coffee??? How are you doing that? :)!