Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Still not where I need to be...

...and by that I mean I'm still learning how to use my new laptop and don't have enough time to really get into it. I'm sure things will slow down by the weekend and I'll self indulge by spending a few hours learning the ins and outs of my new Mac.

What I can say about it so far is I love how it feels...the keyboard is just right, I love how the letters are back lit so I can still use it when the room gets quite dark and I can find the home row so easily.

Even though it's been a very busy week so far I don't have much to report. One thing that has pissed me off (yes, I can get to the point where I swear occasionally!) is that someone at school has spilled the beans on my retirement!! Other than my dep't head, 2 VPS and the principal no one else should know and that was the way I wanted it. I hate being the topic of gossip and with the EAs I work with that's a real problem. However a teacher came up to me today to congratulate me and I asked him how he knew I was retiring and he mumbled something about seeing the job postings.  Well, that is blatantly untrue because the posting for my job won't come out until May 1st! Then one of the EAs said at the end of the day that they heard a rumour I was retiring so rumours are running rampant and I guess I'm just going to have to spill the beans. So NOT the way I wanted it handled. I don't know where the "leak" is unless that Wikileaks guy is up to no good again!!

The good news is my tax refund arrived today and is more than enough to pay for my laptop!! I put it on my master card (for the points) and will pay it off tomorrow once I deposit the check. The bad news is our juicer went kaput so I've been pricing better models. I didn't pay a lot for the first one we bought a year and a half ago because I wasn't sure how much we would use it. Well, we use it almost everyday so it's worth getting a more expensive, better quality model. I'll get that done tomorrow too.

Kazi cooked dinner tonight. Well, I cooked the quinoa and she made a stir fry with shrimp, 3 different colours of peppers, onion and garlic. She likes things spicy so it was somewhat "hot" but not too hot. Delicious actually...she's coming along as a cook:) This weekend I'll finish off a couple of little projects around the house and promise to write a long post with lots of photos. We now have a very liveable main floor and it makes me extremely happy. That still leaves 2 other floors to work on but as my friend Jules said I'll need something to do when I get back from PEI in October or November AND it will be so much better to be able to work away at it day after day instead of squeezing it into my weekends and holiday weekends!! Much less stress!

So all in all things are moving along as planned.

Oh, and I must update my April challenge - I haven't been neglecting it, I've brought a lot more stuff home but without my laptop I've not kept you up to date on my progress. I'll add that to my weekend post too - YIKES - it's gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOONG one! (or two or three!)

And now off I go to get on my exercise bike - gotta keep burning those calories and toning my muscles (at least that's what I tell myself!) Ciao!


  1. Talking of's a little way off for us yet, but we are SERIOUSLY considering PEI..we'll be quizzing you about areas over the next few years!
    Jane x

  2. So you thought you were going to sneak out the back door didn't you?.

  3. I love the macbooks, much easier to use, when my current laptop dies I think I'll get one myself. Not long now till you're out of there... only 66 days to go! :)

  4. What?? Really and truly?? That would be increcibly awesome!!

  5. Really, really! We miss the sea so much,so we need to be by the sea..we've been looking at PEI and it ticks the boxes.
    Jane x

  6. Cindy Masterson-RothApril 25, 2014 at 9:45 AM

    My laptop is 2 years old but I think I have worn it out already. We use our RBC Visa Reward Points

  7. livingrichonthecheapApril 25, 2014 at 11:43 PM

    We use the cc for everything for the points and them immediately pay it off. We get so many free air tickets that way. I even pay my healthcare that way! Glad you got your computer situation sorted. Nice discount!


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