Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Tuesday's Treats and Treasures

Yesterday I didn't manage to put a post together as I went to the 6:45pm showing of:
oh please please please go and see this movie!! Visually it's a feast for the eyes. It's hilarious and quirky, eccentric and silly and we (friends from work) laughed until our sides hurt! The only problem is it was so fast paced that I missed a lot because I was shrieking with utter glee! Which means, of course, that I'll have to go see it again...and again!! This is a movie I would buy.

So on to the treats and treasures of yore (yesterday)! My ID cards from the past 5 years!

I'm not getting older, I'm getting better! Not much change that I  can see - perhaps my face is fuller in the last one - that helps to plump out the wrinkles so I'm told...I've also started to use coconut oil (the new super food, well one of them anyways) and hope to see the clock turn back and me starting to look younger and younger...yes, I'm dreaming :)

Addendum: I know what the difference is now with the last picture - my smile is starting to slip and I look tired. I picked the right year to go.

As you may have guessed yesterday was "photo day" so let's have a look at the photos I kept close to me over the past 800 14 years that I taught at CCH...look at my sweet little puddin'pop :) I bet every one of you moms out there have a macaroni picture frame of your little cutie pies...
she was such a happy little scamp...who knew she'd grow into a surly teen?? Hah, just kidding...sort of...
one of my most favourite (and challenging) students - she used to call me "Spicy Eyes" because that was written on one arm of my glasses! She kept me hopping with her daily ritual of questions that HAD to be answered: can I break your glasses...(me - NO), did they cost $534?...(yes)...can I look down your top...(NO)...what colour camisole are you wearing? this point I'm trying unsuccessfully to redirect her...can you call Ed Roland? singer of her favourite band "Collective Soul") and on and on. Eventually I wrote down a list of her questions and my answers and put it on the side of the fridge and I'd just point at it when the questions started. Gave me a bit of a breather.
 Bad photo but I have a little hamster peeking out from inside my jacket - we had one for a classroom pet for a few years.
 What form...what grace...what?? It was "Share your Talent" day and I just had to clown around :)
What a happy crew! This was the first year that we went to the Special Olympics. A number of football players volunteered to coach the kids. They ALL had a blast!
Pre makeup, pre blonde hair extensions, pre eyelash curler, pre hair straightener, pre everthing but total CUTENESS!! Ah, Kazibelle, I do miss those innocent days...
 But whoa!! Look at those dimples would ya!! This is one of her "casual" Gr. 12 graduation pictures - what a beauty!
 A conglomeration of photos: 4 generations of Harrison men in the bottom photo - my nephew David, his son Jack, my brother Gord and my dad Doug.
Me, with darker hair, in front of the Montmorency Falls near Quebec City. And I'm thinking "braless"! Brazen hussy!
What more can I say about my one and only - she'll always be #1 in my heart!
One of my valentine cards from a I the worm or the apple?
 A plaque to keep me motivated...
 At least 6-8 years ago - a wonderful group of students and staff...
Yup, I was still really enjoying my job back in those days - life was darn good. Sometimes I look at old photos and wonder to myself - "why did I get rid of that top? I love that top!! Drat!"
Now THAT top I only wore a couple of times and then donated it - you win some you lose some!
OK, this is from the middle ages...24 years ago this July. I'm graduating from UWO with my parents to support me. My dad before cancer got him in 2002 and my mom before Parkinson's took her in 2000. Kazi is there too - I was 7 months pregnant!!  I remember how brutally hot it was that day and she kicked up a storm ALL day!

Finally a pink candle (because I go through a LOT of candles) and my little "blessings" stones that got me through a lot of rough moments...

Today being Wednesday I brought home a new batch of stuff but will post about that tomorrow. Its getting past time I was on my bike pedalling fiercely through an episode of "House of Cards"!

I wish you a wonderful evening and thank you for joining me as I wandered down Memory Lane!


  1. Your cutie pie takes after her mom.
    And you should go "brazen hussy" more often. hehehe

  2. Love the serial photos.
    59 days!!!!!!!!

  3. Awesome pics. I have most of my school ID's in my top desk drawer. That makes me think of the teacher who wore the same clothes for 30 years of school pics. The first two years were an accident, but then it became a quest. Hilarious.

  4. You do have a more quizzical look in that last ID pic! I've put the movie on my 'to see' list.
    Jane x

  5. You are stunning and so is your daughter!
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful montage of photos.Life isn't easy but you have a bunch of wonderful moments saved. I think life is going to be smooth sailing from here on out for you!


    A link to the PE teachers groovy outfit for 40 years!


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