Monday, April 28, 2014

What did I bring home today....

Well, now you know I'm really me! My nameplate dates back to when I started working for the Royal Bank of Canada - so it's about 38 years old - YIKES!!  I'm as old as the hills! And don't I just hang on to things for a very looooooooooong time?! I think I should keep hanging onto it - I mean what if I end up not remembering who I am some day when I'm 95 years old?? It could happen...

I also brought home an old file box which I'm going to use for my monthly files...bills, receipts, insurance etc. I used to have a large cabinet with 2 lower drawers for filing and it was FULL!  See?
Proof that I am indeed downsizing!

I don't have any more dental appointments before my retirement date so brought home my extra toothbrush and toothpaste....hmmmmm, I guess that means NO garlicky food for lunch!

 And finally my lint brush...I'm hoping I won't need to de-fuzz again before the end of June - I'm so optimistic! Well if I do need to get rid of any lint I can always use my old standby - wrap masking tape around my hand sticky-side out. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

And that's a wrap for yet another Manic Monday. We had a really good day at school - everyone was super tired for some reason - they were too tired to misbehave :)  One EA went home sick and we managed just fine being 1 short. Another hmmmmmmm moment!

Well off I go to exercise and eat dinner. Not at the same time mind you. Last night I made some jerk chicken and a pot of leek and potato soup which turned out even better than I thought it would.

Hope your Monday was a  good one!!


Sonya Ann said...

You brought home some interesting things this time. I'm liking the box!
You are getting so close to the end! I'm excited for you!

Lena said...

Hey, you made some chicken, huh? :)

Tanner said...

I havent seen a lint brush in ages! Haha. And that's a mighty nice name plate.

Susanna said...

ok I'm jealous - I wanna retire too LOL! sure wish I had your energy on all the home improvement and decluttering! I'm more like piddling around LOL but hey at least it's going the right direction.