Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Big Poop! I mean Scoop!

Can I just say that I'm glad Michael's colonoscopy is over and done with?? The three days of purging, while not fun for him, was also not a treat for me! I'm thankful we had no house guests for the past few days!!

Sorry, no photos! And everything was normal - hurrah!

Moving on...I'm back working full days now, thankfully. I spent a couple of weeks on short term disability once my sick days were used up. So my paycheques which are always lower at this time of year due to whopping big Canada Pension deductions, were reduced by another 10% - OUCH, that hurts!

I thought I had about $20 left in my account til next payday which is Friday. No such luck. I just checked and a $32 payment came out that I had forgotten about - some camera batteries that I had bought through Paypal and was delayed for awhile. So I was a few dollars short for the next 2 payments that are coming out this week - PEI mortgage and insurance. I quickly did some transferring of tiny balances in a few otherwise very empty accounts and now I'm only a nickel short. A NICKEL!! Sheesh, times are tough! I'm hoping my payroll deposit goes in before those 2 payments are deducted.

Yes, a few of my accounts are empty, one being the Emergency Fund - a big no no! I'm trying to save a certain amount each month for other upcoming expenses and have neglected my Emergency Fund. (The $$ went to fixing the furnace - definitely an emergency!; car repairs, and a new Dyson vacuum - a cleaning emergency!!!) So while we're living on the edge here I am hopeful that I can replenish that account, among others, with my tax refund. No, I haven't figured out my taxes yet, in Canada we often don't have all the paperwork and receipts and T5's and T4's until Feb. or March but I know my refund will be higher than last year. I have NO consumer debt so will be able to save the whole thing!

I'm just praying the dreaded Mr. M_ _ phy (he who shall not be named!) stays far far away!


Jane said...

Glad Michael's results are good. I felt so bad for my hubby when he had 'the purge'.
Jane x

Lena said...

I thought I was at the wrong blog at first :) I'm glad Michael is healthy. I'm one of a few in the US who is not done with taxes yet. We are still waiting on two documents :(

Sonya Ann said...

I'm glad that Micheal's parts are in working order. I'm sure one day I will have to bring Den butt that is a hole different story.
I have when things are super tight but if it wasn't for all of your saving in the past you would be much worse off than you are now. You will get back on track!

Jharrison56 said...

Did you purposefully spell "whole" as "hole"? Cause that's really funny! :)

Sharon said...

I bet Michael's glad it's over too!

Emergency fund down to 0?? Oh no!! I have faith Jane, you'll get it back up there. You've been a bit preoccupied and you used the money for necessities. I'm glad you were able to go back to work. I have a friend (teacher) who hit her head on a cabinet in her classroom and got a very severe concussion. She's been out of work since October! Crazy. She's recovering, but slowly.

Jharrison56 said...

Oh my goodness!! I bang my head here all the time too as we have so many cupboards. Now I feel even more grateful that I'm back to work!