Sunday, February 24, 2013

From Blog Reading to Basketball

I have to say I've spent a delightful few hours catching up on everyone's blog today. It was so much fun - everyone seems to be posting about my favorite topics: food, books and saving money!! Poor Carla is menu challenged but she did finally organize her week's meals! Lisa had me thinking back to the Great Depression and the meals our mothers made with every little scrap they could find. Jane gave me a good laugh reminiscing about school meals and stodgy puddings! That reminded me me of the lumps in my mother's famous oatmeal that had me gagging every morning before school! Many more of you amazed me with your grocery savings this week, something us Canadians can only dream about! And lovely Lena had me drooling in envy with her snowy day baking - Coconut Cinnamon Rolls - check it out (recipe included)!

 And now.....on to basketball. Last night will be known as the night we had better seats than the mayor!!! That's him looking bored sitting next to the red-haired boy. BEHIND US I MIGHT ADD! We have friends with season's tickets in the first row on the floor and when they can't use them they give them to us! Lucky us!

It was a thriller of a game. Our London Lightning team was playing the team from Summerside, PEI (our FUTURE  HOME team :) but we were cheering for London last night. The Summerside Storm led for most of the game but London went ahead in the 4th quarter. Then, with only seconds left, Summerside tied the game! In a 5 minute overtime period London pulled ahead again and won the game!
This is the initial tip-off, man can that guy ever jump HIGH!!
One of the Lightning team dancers - this girl just happens to go to the highschool I work at :)
I like taking shots from different angles...
 and that got me interested in the colourful footwear on the floor...

 not to mention LARGE footwear...
 I think these were the largest!!

 These take the "brightest footwear" category...
Here's London's coach in the blue jacket. He's very colourful in more ways than one! or two! I took a lot of photos of him but because he's constantly in action they are usually blurry.

Like now for example...
Crap...they tied it up! (Nice muscles...not that I noticed....)
 No, please, say it ain't so!  This young fellow, last name Moss, is only about 5'8" at most but he's always on the court - he scores many a 3 pointer AND almost always gets the rebounds and speedy?, oh my! What he lacks in height he more than makes up for in talent!
 Thought we had that game in the bag...
He's ok but I thought he was gonna end up on my lap....darn....
Summerside's tallest and largest footed player!
 You can see tiny Moss (#6) in comparison to the BIG guys!
This one's going in!! Woot woot!

I had a clear shot of their faces I thought... STOP MOVING!!

We ended the evening by dropping into our favorite restaurant - JAMBALAYA!! I haven't been there for ages. Thank you Kevin and Denise for the spicy rice and chocolate cheesecake and glass of wine - the cheesecake was beyond words :) And so good to see you Sam and Serena!


  1. Spicy rice beats stodgy puds any day!
    I didn't notice the arm muscles at me. We were at a Sting concert and all I noticed were his arm muscles!!
    Jane x

  2. Looks like it was an awesome game! It's been a while since I've been to a basketball game. Hubby is more of a football guy, and I prefer music :)

  3. I had never been to a basketball game until London got a professional team. Looks boring on TV - back and forth, back and forth. Much more exciting LIVE!

  4. Yes, Sting has stayed in good shape for someone our..err way older than us!!

  5. Wow better seats than the mayor!!!I may have to curtsy when I see you.

  6. LOL - don't bother - I might be tempted to turn into just another corrupt public figure! :~o

  7. Holy crumbs those are some HUGE feet! like really really huge, I can't stop looking. Don't stare Marguerite it's impolite, but darn they are seriously big.

  8. LOL! I know, I was mesmerized!

  9. I found the same thing-I hadn't gone to a basketball game since high school, but our friend was going for his birthday celebration, so we went. I figured I'd get through it for a friend, but I was happily surprised to have found it a lot of fun! The Lightning won, which added to the fun too :)


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