Friday, February 8, 2013

In the Land of the Living

 Our weenie storm has been overshadowed by the gigantic Nemo on the eastern seaboard. But it garnered us a snow day so who's complaining? Not me, no not me.
I went back to work this week, still recovering from cervical ridiculopathy, otherwise known as a pinched nerve in my neck (but doesn't ridiculopathy sound way cooler?!)  So I was up and heading out the door at 6am when Michael wondered out loud if the school buses were running? So I looked online and nope, no buses running today. Oh YAY, I thought to myself, I can get caught up on the piles of paperwork that have accumulated during my absence as I won't have any students!!
Just to make sure I checked my school board website only to find that the schools were all closed too! Double YAY! Who doesn't like a snow day, especially on a Friday or a Monday creating a looooong weekend!
So since we were up and wide awake we decided to go for a walk through the neighbourhood. It was a bit of a slog since not many streets were plowed yet but we had our boots on and our snowpants and made the best of it.
Yes, there is a house in behind all of those trees and bushes, a lovely corner lot.
It seemed somehow appropriate and cheery that this house had its Christmas lights still up...and turned on! Makes you want to just break out into a Christmas carol doesn't Not so much?
It was very quiet and peaceful - some of the streets we walked on hadn't seen a car on them yet.
The fearless early morning snow walker!

Nothing like a layer of snow to make the perfect picture.....
unless it's a good-looking smiling man :)
The snow falling was light and fluffy, but gradually built up into quite a thick layer.

Isn't this just the perfect tree? What a gorgeous shape! So perfectly symmetrical!
Isn't this just the perfect man? What a gorgeous shape! So perfectly symmetrical! Tee hee hee!
This is the view from our neighbourhood Tim Horton's. It took some doing to get there but as you know we Canadians are strongly motivated to get our morning coffee...come hell or high snowdrifts!
Here we are back in our complex. Michael's cleaning our cars off for the second time. I tried to get out later to go to a doctor's app't but the snow was up past my tires and I couldn't get out. So I rescheduled. And good man that he is Michael shoveled me out after going in to work for awhile.
If it wasn't for the need to drive here and there winter would be perfectly bearable!
So I spent the day safely inside, catching up on some seriously overdue blog reading. Time well spent. When I got to Sharon's blog  and saw how much baking and cooking she was getting done on HER unexpected day off I jumped up, scurried about and made a big pot of soup and a nice loaf of banana bread! Thanks Sharon for helping me get my butt in gear:)
What a wonderful way to spend the gift of a free day - I hope I can continue to stay caught up with your stories and adventures!


  1. Haha, what a snow trooper. Great pics.

  2. I vacuumed,snow clearing can wait until tomorrow!
    Jane x

  3. I ventured out today as well... behind us at the ravine snow is at least 2 feet deep! Went up to my knees and being almost 5'9", you know that's deep! lol!! Loved all the photo's Jane!!! :)

  4. Well, now, you are very welcome! :)! Love the pics of the snow. I have to admit I'm THRILLED we didn't get any! Boy I'm sounding like my mother now!

    By the way, I love this color for your blog! So calming....and of course I was thrilled to see you posted. I LOVE your posts, Jane. You always make me smile. :)

  5. Timmy's is a powerful draw! Hope you heal up soon!

  6. Okay, so I only read the cervical part and I thought to myself, :What in He^^ are her and Micheal doing and she is laid up? Knocked Up? What? Owe a pinched nerve in your neck okay, thought I was going to have to come intervene.

  7. I'm sorry about your neck. Have that hunk of a man rub it for you!
    Beautiful pics. It's always pretty to look at and miserable to shovel.

  8. Jane, looks so pretty, and I'm hoping that your neck heals soon!

    we're getting the snow here today. Really windy...

  9. Man was I wishing that storm would hit us Friday. Instead we're stuck indoors all weekend it looks like. but of course, it will ease up just in time to go back to work *sigh*

  10. Yes, I had a few of those over the boots moments too, rather suddenly sometimes!

  11. The perfect day to be cozy inside, looking out!

  12. I tell ya, after about 30 minutes I was wishing I was back home, warm and cozy!

  13. Yes, confusing isn't it? The whole name sounds made up - cervical ridiculopathy. No, THOSE parts are fine thanks and while Michael would love it I'm not knocked up!

  14. Another true Canadian heard from! Thanks Tammy :)

  15. Yes, I've been hearing lots about the storms hitting the eastern provinces, stay off the roads if you can!
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  16. Michael does rub it for me but his hands never stay on my neck!!

  17. Windy here too but not like out your way. Stay inside!!

  18. Yeah, that didn't work out too well for you! Though you did get some extra time in Halifax :)


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