Saturday, April 21, 2012

You can dance, you can jive...

This weekend is a whirlwind of activity compared to what I usually do on the weekends which is read, post, catch on the blogging world, catch up on sleep, exercise, cleaning, cooking....ok, let me rephrase that...this weekend is a whirlwind of DIFFERENT activities from the usual - dancing, going out with friends, visiting Michael's mother, sisters and their families, celebrations (Michael and I are celebrating three years together), wishing my brother "bon voyage" as he boards the train heading out west to Vancouver, B.C. & back to visit some of the places where our Dad hung out after being posted to Comox, B.C. at the end of WWII, renewing friendships with Don & Cheryl who I haven't seen in ages and rejoicing with Kazi as she writes her final university exam today!! So much going on!!

 The dance was called the "BOOMER'S BASH!" I kid you not. We were some of the youngest people there!
 Meeting up with an old friend!
 My "dos amigos" - Jules and Troy - LOVE YOU GUYS!!
 The woman behind Michael was VERY UPSET when she found us sitting at her "reserved" table". Eight seats were reserved for her and we got the other four seats but she didn't like sharing. However by the end of the evening she was Michael's best friend :)
 The more the other party drank the more they liked us!
Michael's friend Chet - guitar player extraordinaire!
 Me and my BFF - Julie - here's to 30 years of friendship!
"and in this wall niche we have a 'boomer' from the 1950's era.....isn't she well-preserved...?"
And finally, here's to a patient and understanding man who doesn't mind when I bring my two best friends to join the party and has to listen to us laugh and snort for hours all the time keeping a dazzling smile on his face!!


  1. Jane,
    From the pictures and the post it seems like you had a great time.
    Michael always has a great smile and the cranky lady seems to like you all. I think she may have been with boring friends/relatives and had her eyes open to real fun.
    Have a great weekend guys.

  2. Jane @The maple Syrup MobApril 21, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    The top photo of you both is gorgeous!
    The dance sounds a whole heap of fun...and love your shoes!!
    Jane x

  3. Looks like a great night!! You just bubble over in sunshine, the brightest smile in the world, love it

  4. I like the statue in the niche where sis you get it?

  5. Thanks witch - it was a blast! I think it was a good reminder that even though a person reacts badly at first it doesn't mean that they're not a great person. Sometimes we have  to work our way past that first impression to find the real person. After a period of time (and a few drinks ;) she really started to have a good time. Hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

  6. How much fun did you guys have? Awesome! My weekend just got better reading about it. :) x

  7. Thanks Jane! I love those shoes too - Michael bought them for me in a store in Bracebridge!  I LOVE to dance!! :)

  8. My sister tells me I smile a lot more since Michael came into my life :) I think she's right!

  9. Yes, isn't it lifelike!!  Perhaps even "larger than life"? (tee hee)  There's always some point in the evening when my tiredness hits me.  That was it!

  10. Thanks Annie!  It always seems like we pack a week's worth of fun all into one night - we really need to learn how to spread it out a little. The next day I was exhausted! But in a good way :)

  11. lol, upset at sharing her table - too funny. How could she not warm up to you guys!?


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