Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday Night Chit Chat...Chit Chat

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First - a photo!
The lovely lady dressed in fuschia and with the oddly shaped white hat is Michael's mother.We were at her daughter's home yesterday to help her celebrate her 79th birthday.  Michael and his brother Andrew were from her first relationship. Then she remarried and had four girlsand another boy for a total of seven children. From those seven children she has a multitude of grand-children and great-grand children, many of whom are in this photo. The girl sitting on the floor with the flowered dress, black sweater and big scowl is Desiree.  I think she was just tired as a few mintues later she was stretched out on the floor with her eyes closed.

What am I reading?
Well, I finished the three Hunger Games books and absolutely LOVED THEM!!  I was SO sad when I finished the last one.  I have a thing for Sci-Fi, fantasy and end of the world type themes so these books suited me to a T.

Now I have really changed gears and am reading this novel:

The Jane Austen Book Club - this book was loaned to me by my good friend Carla - thanks my dear! It was the perfect go-to book after the Hunger Games trilogy. Slower-paced, uplifting, humorous, all about relationships between the characters both good and bad.  The book has plucked me out of an apocalyptic  world and placed me firmly back into the real world.  Gently.

What am I watching? 
Nothing at present but I chose to rent a couple of movies this week that were somewhat influenced by my reading of the Hunger Games books.  (I see this only in retrospect)

One movie tries in imagery to show the creation of the world and the meaning of life; the other movie explores the end of the world when earth is hit by another planet AND the meaning of life.  A little bit of a change from the usual espionage and/or assassin type flicks Michael's generally picks out. And no, he wasn't with me when I picked these two out!!

What am I listening to? 
The Band - Levon Helm passed away Thursday of throat cancer. I was a big fan of The Band. Have a listen:

Glad I accomplished this week: midterm report cards, re-organized my classroom, dancing with Michael and friends, visit with Michael's family.

Looking foward to this week: BBQ with good friends this Saturday night!and PAYING DOWN MY LINE OF CREDIT!! Woo hoo - details to follow!

Thankful for today: family and friends, sunshine, candle light, a cup of tea and a good book!

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debby said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend, good way to start the new week. I have been afraid to read the Hunger Games, can't stand the idea of kids fighting to the death but my DD's say they are all great. Maybe someday I will get up the nerve to dig in.

C.R.P said...

Love the family photo! A great big beautiful family!! :) The book is awesome, isn't it?! Feel free to pass it on when you're done with it, Jane... :)

kim said...

Wonderful family photo.  I just finished re-reading the hunger games.  Enjoyed them more the second time.  What a wonderful family!

Jharrison56 said...

Yes, I'm amazed at the size of the family - Michael's mom and dad came to Canada almost 40 years ago with their young children who then had several children each and now those children are having children - two more on the way!

Jharrison56 said...

Ok, thanks I will pass it on. My oldest sister loves Jane Austen's books and I know she would just love it!

Jharrison56 said...

I know, I felt the same way, but then when I read the first one I was HOOKED!! There is brutality, but there is also such human emotion that binds people together. So well done.

C.R.P said...

Perfect!! :)

SonyaAnn said...

You have been blessed with so many gifts. You have a very handsome family! And are intelligent and well rounded-all wonderful gifts in themselves. 

Marguerite said...

Sounds like a wonderful week.  I didn't know the Jane Austen Book Club was a real book! (shame on me)  I've seen the movie and really like it.  Speaking of which, finally got Netflix and quite hooked.  It's just so darn easy.  Although I wish their selection was a bit better.

Jharrison56 said...

I hear you re selection on Netflix but even one movie a week and it pays for itself. I haven't even ventured into the many TV series on offer. I'm hoping selection improves as it becomes more popular in Canada.