Sunday, April 1, 2012


First a photo:
This is the house where I grew up and lived from 
1956 - 1978 in Norwich, Ontario.  The window
on the second story was my bedroom window.

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What am I reading?      This "Soul of Money" helps you to look at money in a whole new way.  There really is enough to go around!!                            However...this book is mindless escapism - very           entertaining if you enjoy murder and mayhem as much as I do!!

What am I watching?  Not a darn thing! Just got home from a baby shower and before that I met up with my cousin Murray and his wife Deb who are visiting family - they hail from North Carolina!

Listening to?   I'm listening to the sound of my money taking wing....oh no, that's not's just the sound of the furnace (which I unwillingly turned back ON!) and the dryer as Michael is doing laundry...and oh yes, the vacuum cleaner as he is cleaning up the dust bunnies in the basement. Isn't he sweet?

Cooking? Baking?  I'm up to nothing in this category either - I haven't cooked a darn thing all weekend. We had wings last night and today I ate at the baby shower - cucumber and cream cheese on pumpernickel bread - delicious!!

Happy I accomplished this week?  I accomplished a LOT this week, especially at school. I'm glad parent/teacher interviews went well, I cleaned and reorganized my desk at school, cleaned my bookcase out behind my desk AND at home I'm glad I got my house cleaned yesterday and glad I got to spend time with my daughter as she made JELLO SHOTS for a birthday party she was organizing!! (And I got to test them!) 

Looking forward to next week?  I am looking forward to a four day weekend as Easter rapidly approaches!! 

Thankful for today?  
  • spending time with my cousin who I haven't seen in a few years though we are in touch on FB. He and I grew up together as my mom babysat him when we were little. Then we went through school together - it would not be an exaggeration to say he was my best friend.
  • special time spent with Michael...eating out at the Waltzing Weasel where we spent the whole time talking about PEI and what we want to accomplish there this summer
  • time spent with Kazi making Jello Shots and helping her prepare for a surprise birthday party for her EX-BOYFRIEND who has become a friend and now looks like he has the potential to become an UN-EX-BOYFRIEND!! Hoo boy, here we go again!!
That's my weekly wrap! 


Susanna said...

sounds awesome (esp the wings!) hope PEI has wings LOL! uh oh Kazi and the guy again...sigh...yep here you go again :-)

rose said...

I think Norwich is near where my parents grew up in Woodstock. I love the old houses. I wish I could go back more often!

Jharrison56 said...

Norwich is about a 20minute drive from Woodstock! South on Hwy 59.

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Maureencairney said...

Love your new blog wallpaper very modern.
What a cute little house I love a home with character instead of all the square little boxes we see so much of nowadays.
Ohhh that boy again round two.....

C.R.P said...

Love the house pic, Jane!! :) Did you ever sneak out that window?! ;) lol! Sounds like you had a great weekend! I'm so glad the gift went over well!! Yay !! :) Thank-you!!!

Savingfortravel said...

Aww! I wish I could have seen you and M chatting about your Summer PEI dreams. That's when you know you've found your soul mate, when you can dream together.

Sft x

debby said...

Spending time in the kitchen with your DD is time well spent it's good to get our DD's in the kitchen cooking, yes jello shooters count!! Enjoy your 4 day weekend, our schools will have the week after Easter off, looking forward to a few days off for me as well.

Jpkittie said...

looks like all is going well!!!! :) 

Jharrison56 said...

Yes, I think Jello counts officially as a food LOL!!

Jharrison56 said...

That's it in a nutshell SFT!  I can't talk about THAT particular dream with anyone else :)

Jharrison56 said...

I didn't sneak out THAT particular window but the upstairs bathroom window opened upon our TV aerial and it was a snap to shimmy down when we'd been sent to our room!!

Jharrison56 said...

You would have been so proud of me Maureen - I stayed completely neutral during our conversation about the "boy", I'm learning!!

SonyaAnn said...

Someone needs to beat the snot out of the un-ex-boyfriend. Enough said.
I love weekends that have fun and accomplishment all rolled into one.

Sandy Lee said...

My dad grew up near Norwich and many of my cousins still live in the area. I lived in Sarnia but left in the 70's to go to school in Hamilton  Both parents are buried near Norwich though. Returned them home. 

Jharrison56 said...

We probably know some of the same people!! I left around 1978ish and headed out to Calgary for a couple of years, then Simcoe, then London.  Next is PEI when I retire.

Jharrison56 said...

Yeah, I have a feeling she's going to get hurt AGAIN!! Boys are poopy!