Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Baking awaits me but I am procrastinating and you lucky people receive the fruits of my procrastination:)

Today I'm (supposed to be...) making my famous melt-in-your-mouth shortbread cookies. Then...if I've managed to get my baking mojo going I'll make some peanut brittle. I just love the combination of brown sugar and butter!
No peanut butter balls!
To be absolutely truthful (which I usually am) I am cutting my previous amount of baking by half. No peanut butter balls this Christmas, no lemon squares...the reason being that I overeat and my hips pay the price. I hate wasting food. And I hate gaining weight! I suppose I could freeze what doesn't get eaten but I'd rather not have the temptation in the house as my willpower isn't what it used to be. HAH! I've NEVER had willpower - who am I trying to kid?

A couple days after Christmas feasting I am going to an appetizer party. I haven't figured out what I want to take yet - I'm thinking something low celery!! My friend Troy is home from B.C. for a couple of weeks and this will be the "girlfriends" get together.

Last time I saw Troy was when I visited her in Victoria B.C.  at the end of May. I'm hoping to travel west again in 2018, I loved it there!

But I must get off my duff and into the kitchen! If anyone has an appetizer recipe that they love could you send it my way? Thanks!

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