Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Fa la la la la!

Had to update my header photo in light of  recent weather!

 We had a few flakes of snow on Saturday while marching in solidarity with Canadian Palestinians. You can see the yellow flag below with the red maple leaf on it - that's the activism group - Council of Canadians - that I belong to. Rest assured that whenever Trump makes an idiot move we here in Canada are aware and marching against it. Eventually over 500 people turned out to support our friends and neighbours - it was a great day...and it won't be the last unfortunately.

A couple of years ago my neighbour gave me a Christmas cactus. Immediately Luna and Lily decided to add some greens to their diet and nibbled all the ends of the leaves off. Bad kitties! Amazing they didn't have indigestion! I considered giving it the ol' heave ho but to my surprise....a bloom has appeared!!

Or perhaps I should say "bud". Plants are amazing aren't they? When humans have been erased from the face of the earth all the plants will eventually return to their former glory. Twelve days left til Christmas - will the bud turn into a blossom by then? We shall see...

Don't know about you but yesterday we had what they nowadays call "a significant weather event" or as I like to call it - a big dump of snow! Well over a foot of snow with more on the way this afternoon.  A couple of Alberta Clippers moving across the still warm Great Lakes = big dumps of snow! And I didn't even go to meteorology school!

And here I thought we were going to have another green Christmas! Be very careful of what you wish for! 
First Snow December 12, 2017

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