Saturday, December 9, 2017

Just a Little Fib and Christmas Prep

I just commented on Anne's blog that it wasn't snowing here in London, ON, Canada while in Alabama they received some snow!! But now I can see little white specs of snow in the air - at the rate it's coming down we might have an inch by Christmas! Christmas 2018, that is...

Oh, and thanks to Anne for organizing the Christmas card exchange. It got me off my duff and over to the post office to buy postage. Except I forgot to buy Canadian stamps. For those I'll go to the Variety store close by as they sell "regular" stamps. My sister said she paid $2.00 extra per pack of stamps because they were Christmas-themed! WTH!

If someone gets upset because I didn't use a Christmas-themed stamp for their card - TOO BAD!

On  second thought....these are SO 

Slowly but surely things are getting done. I dug out my Christmas baking recipes and next I'll make a list of what ingredients I need to buy. After purchasing two gift cards for my nephew and sister-in-law I am down to one person left to shop for. I don't usually get done shopping this early so feeling very accomplished :) Nothing is wrapped however, and it looks pretty empty under the tree. Lots of time, lots of time!

After my cash withdrawal last Monday of $120 I have $30 left. Normally I would plop that right into my snowflake box but because it's the Christmas season I'll keep it in my wallet for now. There are usually a number of extra and forgotten expenses to cover...meals out, extra groceries, another bottle of wine or two, hostess gifts and OOPS - haven't got the kitties anything yet!! :) Do you think they'd notice if I put fresh catnip into old toys??

Lily Pad is no sucker!!

How is your Christmas prep going?


SAM said...

Pup always gets his gift a day after Christmas. For him, we celebrate boxing day with 1/2 price toys. Well done shopping.

Kim said...

New toys, Human! 🐱🐱