Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Counting Down or Counting Up?

I've had the idea for awhile to add a "count up" timer to my sidebar. I think I had a "count down" timer for at least five years leading up to my retirement. Now I would like to keep track of how long my retirement lasts before, you know, My Time is UP!

Not to be morbid or anything but my teaching career lasted 22 years and I hope to spend at least that many years being retired. My retirement age was 58 so if I make it to the age of 80 I will have been retired for 22 years as well.

I have really good old-age genes from my mother's side of the family: my great-grandmother, Lydia Jane, lived to be around 105, my grandmother lived to be 94. Two of her sons, my uncle Fred and uncle Arthur, recently died, one being in his mid-90s. There is one remaining uncle and he is around 92 and going strong.

Lydia Jane; getting a visit from St. Nick

The Harrison side of the family hasn't fared as well with cancer taking its toll. My Aunt Betty who recently passed was 85, but she is a Harrison through marriage. I have a cousin battling a brain tumour and it was his 50 year old son who passed away a week or so ago from cancer.

Do you ever wonder how long you will live? I've posted a link below to a quiz you can take to find out - of course the quiz can't take into account the possibility of falling off a cliff or being hit by a bus but it is kind of fun. Kind of fun if your results are at the high end of course!

How Long Will I Live?

My estimate is 97. My hope is 100. Stay tuned....hahahaha!

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