Thursday, August 31, 2017

The Count Down is on!!

Just a couple more days and off I go! This week has been busy getting last minute items, cleaning and waterproofing my boots, waterproofing my coat, packing and repacking and finishing off my September budget.

I ordered a couple things from and am so glad I purchased Amazon Prime back in January. I paid around $80 for the year and in exchange I get super fast delivery on most items, no shipping fee and thrown in for free is their movie and TV show streaming. I am hooked on "Justified" (watching for the second time!) In shipping costs alone I have saved more than $80 so this membership more than pays for itself.

A couple days ago I ordered Granger's XTreme Repel spray for my gore-tex raincoat. Apparently the DWR (Durable Water-Repellent) wears off and needs to be replenished from time to time. So I washed my coat, sprayed it, wiped off the excess and dried it in the dryer and did a little water test on the sleeve. Water beaded up and rolled off. Here's hoping it will continue to repel water over the course of my trip. (I am taking a back-up coat this time around as it rains a lot in the Scottish Highlands. )

Then on Tuesday I ordered a new cable for my laptop as old one was making a crackling sound - THAT can't be good! Shipping is free again and the cost of the cord is less than half of what I have previously paid here in London. It is supposed to arrive today - just 2 days after ordering.
Amazon has done well by me so far and I do love getting packages in the mail rather than driving
all over the city looking for what I need. Win/win!

For packing I used a list from previous years making note of what I did and didn't use, for example last year I took a pair of shorts and never wore them. Also took a nice black top which I never wore. So I won't be taking those items with me this year. I also made a note of what I could have used more of - like hiking socks. I was able to wash the dirty ones thankfully after sloshing through the peaty bog.

I think I've finally got my suitcase figured out. On one side I put my hiking boots, socks, sock liners, undies, tank tops, PJs, toiletries and first aid supplies.

Then in the pouch on the flip side I put extras & misc, safety pins, kleenex, duct tape etc.

On the other side are my clothes...under a couple of plastic bags which I will use to put dirty clothes in.  Three pairs of pants plus I'll be wearing my jeans on the flight to Scotland, T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts and a couple of cozy fleece sweaters.

Some I lay flat and some I roll depending on the spaces available.
 My daughter bought me a new hat for the trip - I like a hat with a large bill so that my glasses are protected from the rain. Plus this style of hat fits well under the hood of my coat.

I am taking my wonderful Gregory backpack with me as per usual - it holds my daily snacks while hiking plus backup rain gear, first aid kit, flashlight, whistle, rain proof backpack cover, bug spray, bug hat, bug jacket, gloves, head band & skull cap with omni-heat interior so my head stays warm on those windy days, emergency blanket and emergency chocolate, just in case, my extra litre of water in addition to the one I attached to my backpack...I think that's about it. Then for travelling and city exploring I have a fabric purse with many compartments for passport, money, phone and maps.

So I am just about set. Left to do is tidying up the house, taking out garbage etc. That and throw in my suitcase the last few items I need such as toothbrush and rechargers.

So...why is it I feel as though I'm forgetting something really important??

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