Thursday, August 3, 2017

Car-Free Decision

Thank you all who commented on my post yesterday about going car-free. Your input is helpful and appreciated.  This morning I did wake up with a little anxiety about the decision - as someone who has been continuously insured for  43 years it is kind of scary - I won't lie!

So many people think that what they drive reflects on who they are and how much money they make. My daughter bought a Jeep as it appealed to the type of lifestyle she wants to live. (I hope she'll figure out that the high monthly payments she is currently making aren't worth the sacrifice) - but she'll have to figure that out herself.

Personally I've ever only owned two BRAND NEW cars in 43 years of driving. I've always looked at a car/truck as a means of getting from point A to point B.  I appreciate air conditioning but that's about the only thing I've insisted on when purchasing a new or used vehicle. The first new car I purchased was a l979 or 1980 Datsun F10 which I then sold a year or two later when I moved out of province. And then I once leased a Cobalt from 2002 to 2006; I turned it in when the lease was up and purchased a used car. I do not get any car-induced high when I drive new vs. used.

Today I face my first challenge - I visit my brother every Thursday afternoon (travelling by bicycle usually) and there is a 40% chance storm watch in effect. Yesterday it was a 40% chance as well and here in NE London that amounted to about 5 minutes of mostly light rain. I don't have to decide for a couple more hours but I don't like having to cancel plans because of the weather. Let's see what happens!

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