Thursday, September 21, 2017

Yes, I'm Back

Bridge over the River Clyde in Glasgow

Just a quick little quickie to let you know I'm here and will be back later to catch up with you all. My trip ended shortly after it started due to a freak accident - I squished several toes under a door. Yup, you heard right. It was my first day in Glasgow and the door was the door into my hotel. I pulled...nothing happened. I planted my feet firmly and gave a good yank, the door came loose too quickly for me to respond and get out of the way. The pain...was tremendous!
Walking along the River Clyde

The next day I hiked 33kms - way longer than I thought it would be because I didn't account for how far I had to walk from my hotel to the trail head; then I hiked along the Clyde River, the Kelvin River and the Allender River. (not sure if I spelled that correctly) I must have been walking differently to compensate for the injury and ended up with a bunch of blisters. I hiked two more days, one not too long the next one very long ending up in Rowardennan. By that point I was running out of bandaids, had 3 infected toes and a bunch of oozing blisters.
Still in Glasgow
The next day was going to be another long one with no way to contact anyone and no villages along the way; so I was very leery about pushing my "luck" any further. I was feeling very low and felt I couldn't continue without putting myself and my feet in real jeopardy. I had walked 24km to Rowardennan and every step was painful. I had to call it a day.

Next post I'll tell you about the FUN trip home, she says with dripping sarcasm!

AND there is a bright side to all of this...stay tuned!

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SAM said...

So sorry, Jane. I'll wait to read more.