Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bracebridge Vaycay

Okay, remind me not to take photos like this in future! No one wants to look up my nose!
My sister, Dale, who is turning 70 this year is in the purple T-shirt and my sister-in-law, Pat, is photo-bombing on the other side of her.

Sitting patiently is my brother, Gord, and this time I'm photobombing in the background. Dale's living room has a whole wall of mirrors.

We are no longer the younger generation!

 We stayed at an Airbnb rental about 10 minutes outside of Bracebridge, where my sister lives, in a tiny village called Utterson. Because my brother loves statistics I can tell you it worked out to approx. $40.00 per person per night. As I mentioned in my last post he also likes a good deal and this time it was a very good deal. The house was lovely and we made good use of the front porch for 
"happy hour(s)" each day!
We had the main floor at the front of the house - if there was anyone else there we didn't hear them.
Across the street there was a Corner Store and take out restaurant which made the
very best greek salads and french fries. How very cosmopolitan!!

I kept to my schedule of walking 5km daily on beautiful country roads - much nicer than walking in the city.

A banded kingfisher - hadn't seen one of these before.

The front door of the bnb.

My room - I slept like the dead!

One of several gorgeous iron floor grates.

Our electric fire - the plaque says "On this site in 1897 nothing happened!" :) 

 It's that special time of day - Happy Hour!

The cute kitchen - huge windows as it used to be a General Store. A table and bench seats are 
straight out of a 50's diner!

 The living room - you can see the pink of my yoga mat - I managed two short yoga
sessions each day.

Local Muskoka scenery...

The weather was perfect - we had a few sprinkles on our two travel days; otherwise sunny and warm.

Gord working on sudoku puzzles while enjoying morning coffee.

We travelled to the small town of Gravenhurst, just a few minutes down the highway from Bracebridge. While Dale and Pat looked around at some stores Gord and I went to sample some amazing brews at the Sawdust Brewery. So MUCH to choose from!!

Dale and Pat had ice cream instead :)

The clouds driving back to Bracebridge.

I'm so glad we made this trip north. My sister, Dale, can't travel due to a back injury she experienced 30 years ago. She was volunteering at a Senior's home and helped an elderly woman who
had fallen injuring her own back in the process. It's been 30 years of weekly chiropractic appointments and physio exercises without a lot of improvement.
We had a great time getting together and now that we have a sweet and comfortable place to stay I'm sure we'll do it again. 

Next stop - Scotland!!

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