Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Out to Lunch

Thought i'd check in with you folks. Not sure what's going on with my laptop but sometimes i can't get capital letters using the shift key. The right one works and the left one doesn't so perhaps i need to clean under that key. i'll try to cope ;0

i'm having an interesting time in Bracebridge ontario, Canada which is four hours north of london where i live. one of my older sisters is turning 70 this month so my brother, my sister-in-law and i have come to celebrate with her.

my brother found us an old house to stay in through airbnb in a small village outside Bracebridge called utterson. it is VERY small - just a couple of houses and a takeout restaurant. The house, which used to be a general store has two bedrooms, a bathroom a kitchen and nice sized living room. it's been awhile since i went anywhere with my brother - the last time was when he and i went to pei to visit our other older sister. i booked the hotel for the way out (a best western with free buffet breakfast from which we were able to take enough food for lunch as well!) and he booked our spot on the way home - (a youth hostel with crappy bunkbeds, a dirty bathroom, no breakfast, no wifi and a TV in a common area. ) i was not impressed! The price difference was not enough to make it worth while but we survived...barely. Did i mention he's cheap?

But he did well this time and we are really enjoying our stay. i've taken pictures but haven't loaded any to my computer yet. our first day the internet wasn't working but we called the host and they rebooted the modum and all is well, obviously ;0

And that's my report for today. not terribly exciting - I'll try to do better tomorrow!

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