Tuesday, February 21, 2017


My brain tells me it can't really be spring yet but my feet aren't listening! I've been out on hikes everyday for going on two weeks now and while it's been muddy and slippery and icy in parts I've danced down the trails feeling light as a feather - cha cha cha!


I realize there is a very good chance that Mother Nature will wreak more wintery havoc on us as spring is still a month away but I'm sure we'll get the last laugh eventually :) Meanwhile I'm throwing caution to the wind and wending my way through thickets and leafless groves of trees to see what I can see!

River Sculpture

Soon this glade will be green and leafy!

I missed you blue sky!

I'm quacking up!

Haven't seen and land animals yet though I have come across a few fresh deer prints - last year the first animal I saw was a skunk and that was March 26, so I have a bit of a wait still. However, if this warm trend continues....

My apologies for not posting over the past week - the decrease in posts is directly related to the increase in temperature!

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Holly said...

It is crazy how warm it has been in Southern Ontario. Warmer even than in the UK on some days!