Sunday, February 5, 2017

January Recap

Due to the terrible events of the past week or two I haven't posted much. So...I'll get back into the swing of things by recapping January's budget.

What went well: (almost everything)

  • the cost-of-living increase in my teacher's pension was TO THE DOLLAR exactly equal to the increases in my bills: property tax, condo fee and insurance! Sometimes the system works. That allowed the increase in my Canada Pension Plan ($8.00 whoopdedoo!) to be added to my savings.
  • Saving $1,000 per month is very doable. Tsf'd $1100 in January to savings. (Travel fund:)
  • Overestimates in utilities put $46 back into my misc budget line. It's just not been that cold so far this winter.
  • Didn't have to pay property taxes this month as I am on a 10 month schedule. Went to savings instead.
  • Overpaid insurance so received a credit in January and NO payment til Feb. Extra went to savings.
  • Received investment income. Rolled it over.
  • Due to various bits and bobs my misc spending budget was $675 in January!! Out of that I saved enough to buy 250 pounds sterling! 
  • Received GST refund ($105 4 x a year) put it into savings
  • Came in under budget for gas $75/$100 & groceries $255/$280. Extra went to misc.
  • Even with that I finished January with $31 in my chequing account. Added that to February's budget.
What didn't go quite as well but wasn't too bad considering!
  • $60 for eye doctor because of Posterior Vitreous Detachment issue - have a checkup in a week which is also covered by the $60 payment already made. Don't feel too upset about that bill!
  • $37 for a prescription
January was a great month!!

Misc spending covered:
  • two meals out (Hong Ping with a friend & Swiss Chalet with my neighbour - an annual Christmas treat)
  • Wine and Food Show
  • Purchased Amazon Prime for a year which also includes Amazon Prime Video streaming. Comes to less than $7.00/month
  • Art supplies ordered through Amazon (free shipping :) 
  • added $ to my Tim's card and my Starbucks card
  • Home Depot materials to fix electrical outlet
  • Walmart - craft supplies (political sign-making)
  • Google storage
  • 250 pounds sterling
Stay tuned for February's budget recap when I proceed to spend twice what I saved in January!!
(Scotland trip is shaping up!!)

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SAM said...

Well done. I picture a room in your home holding all that sterling.