Saturday, February 25, 2017

Foto Friday

A year ago I was much more productive than I am currently. However, having to "rest" my eye and then wear a splint on two fingers of my right (dominant) hand has forced me to be more creative in choosing projects to work on. 

Here's Lily modelling a crocheted scarf I made a year ago. She doesn't look too happy!

It matches my favourite Mountain Equipment Company "Monsoon" coat that I wear year round.

Kilally Meadows looks about the same as it does now - just waiting for more sunshine before bursting into green leaves and grass.

Deer were on the move at this time last year; and on my many recent visits I've seen a lot of prints but not the real deal.  Soon, I hope.

My snowdrops were in bloom one year ago and are now as well. After the wild thunderstorm we had last night they're probably up another inch or two!

One year ago I fixed a friend's soapstone amulet.

And I shipped off this soapstone sculpture to a friend in the States.

Under the base was a secret spiral!

Sadly, at the moment, I am not crocheting or carving or playing volleyball - so what am I up to?

Well... I have combined mega reading with riding my stationary bike, I hike almost every day, I have this blog, of course, I have rejoined to further explore my dad's origins, I planned my trip to Scotland, have upped my involvement with the Council of Canadians by attending more frequent protests, have spent a LOT of money on books (thank God I can read!!) from Amazon and also at my local Goodwill Bookstore (bought 9 books there yesterday for $27.00 - a bargoon!) and discovered a great series called "Justice" on Amazon Prime. I did my taxes and use Word to keep up with my journal.

I guess I'm still as productive as I ever was...

So much to little time :)

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