Tuesday, February 7, 2017

February Blahs

So this is what I'm working with these days - I saw an Occupational Therapist last week who said if I didn't stop playing volleyball and put my fingers in a splint for at least 6 weeks I would have permanent damage. Being right-handed I had to take her seriously. Php$pb#bbt%t! I can only remove the splint to take a shower and even then I'm not to use my hand. 

Just think about all of the things you do with your dominant hand and/or use two hands for. Basically everything.  Just try pulling up your pants with one hand...or brushing your teeth...turning the key in the ignition...doing dishes...using the bathroom...turning doorknobs...the list is endless. 

To make a pot of chilli I had to get Kazi to open the cans of beans and tomatoes etc. I've had two other cans sitting on the counter awaiting her two good hands but I haven't seen her for two days...so they wait...I'll get even with her later as it's recycling day! 

Technically I shouldn't be typing either...I'm using my left hand plus my index finger of my right hand. Typos like crazy!!

Last week we had a bit of sunshine and snow so I went out and took a long walk and a few photos (with my left hand!) It was glorious to be outside.

Unfortunately neither the sun or snow lasted long and now it's raining like all get out with the promise of freezing rain just to mix things up a little.


 I have a bag I keep stale bread in - I made the duckys' day :)

 I love patterns in nature - here the warp and weft and the water and the icicles made for a pleasing photo.

 I'm pleased I didn't drop my camera in the water - I'm not very dexterous with my left hand.

Finally...My darling Lilypad knows something is up - I've covered the dining room table in maps and passport renewal form and notebooks and calendars!  More on that another day. It's time to hit the exercise bike - don't need hands for that!

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