Wednesday, October 19, 2016

From Dublin to Inishmore

Today is a travelling day - leaving Dublin on the east coast to Galway on the west coast by bus and arriving on Inishmore via ferry. It started off being pretty foggy but cleared up as the day got older. I tried taking photos from the bus but they never turn out very well.

 See? But I take them anyway....

 But I like the way this one turned out even with maximum zoom going on, the mountain in the background and a trickle of rain running down the bus window...and what is that man doing??

 ...and then look what happened! The clouds started breaking up...
 ...but not for long...

Almost at the ferry...

Here I am driving the ferry...or should that be ferrying the ferry? We're gonna go south!

I'm ferrying very fast!

HAHAHA just kidding.......yes, it is windy, why do you ask?

 Scenes from a ferry.... cormorants, I think, by the curve of their neck and white breast, can't see the beak unfortunately...

...a graveyard!

Almost there! The village of Kilronan.

Out of sync a little, but Annie and I befriended this lovely little lady when she asked for help with getting her suitcase onto the bus. Turns out she was headed to Inishmore as well. She was on the ferry with us and then when we were walking along a lonely country road the next day I saw this little figure coming towards us - and it was her once more so we stopped and had a lovely chat, she was very thankful for our help. I tell ya, Ireland is the place to be old in - the bus driver and the ferrymen just waved her on board - she would ask about a ticket and they'd just wave her off and tell her never mind. I think she made it from the start to the finish of her journey without lifting a finger or paying a penny!

We travelled from the ferry to our B&B in style!! Though definitely not for free!

The ferry...

Off the ferry goes, back to the mainland...the sky is brightening up again!

 My astute conclusion - the weather changes frequently!

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