Sunday, September 6, 2015

Why I Missed Foto Friday

I was just about ready to write my post on Friday when I received a call to action! The back story is: we Canadians have enjoyed years and years of door to door mail delivery in Canada. Canada Post is a crown corporation owned by us, the citizens of Canada. Canada Post keeps a lot of good folks employed and earns a decent profit. (6,000 to 8,000 good jobs in total will be lost overall!!)

 In spite of this the government is making us (those who still have door to door mail delivery) change to "community mailboxes"; obviously an inaccurate euphimism for a hot mess!!
 Many of us don't take kindly to having to switch to "community mailboxes" which are messy, doomed to be covered in graffiti, easily broken into, hard to navigate during the winter and don't take accessibility issues seriously.

 So in various cities, including London, attempts are being made to "take over" the newly installed cement pads before the mailboxes can be installed!!

The lady in green is the head of our chapter of the "Council of Canadians" and an artist. She designed this installation as a symbol of grassroots resistance - citizens need to speak up and demonstrate when they have a beef with the system - not just meekly accept whatever the government, in their infinite (cough cough) wisdom, forces down our throat throws at us!!
We even had some support from a Canada Post mail truck driver - as long as I didn't include the truck# or license plate. He wants to keep his job as long as possible.

We created a tee pee type of trellis and transplanted morning glories in the topsoil that we added to the installation. Neighbours have agreed to keep their eye on it and water when necessary. Those of us who have time will also spend a few hours at the installation daily to answer questions and keep guard.

We also added mini banners that we created to include various unions/organizations who are in solidarity with us.

Our sod delivery man couldn't make it in time so a lovely neighbour dug up sod from her lawn and gave it to us. Now that's COMMUNITY!!

You may or may not agree with our methods, that's ok. Our country is struggling once again and is in recession. It is the middle class that provides the government with most of its tax dollars. Putting another 8,000 folks out of work (for no good reason) doesn't help anyone. We all need to fight for what we believe in - it might take us out of our comfort zone and that too is ok.

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