Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jazz Fest

Every year a mini jazz festival is held in one of London's nicest neighbourhoods - it's called "Wortley Village".  It's not special because the homes are big and pricey, no, it's just a great family neighbourhood with it's own stores and businesses. A few streets get blocked off to traffice and various bands play in front of the neighbourhood garage:

...a local pub aptly named "The Wortley"... (and where I just happened to be hanging out :)...

...and a church (among other venues) (actually it's not a church any longer - it's apartments)...

Whoa! Do you see what I see?   Pardon me while I zoom in...

Is that not one of the cutest sax player you've ever seen??

I found lots of neat people to hang out with - my friend Cheryl who bought me a pint at The Wortley which led to several silly selfies!

Todd - one of my most favourite people of all time - I've written a few posts about Todd - you may remember if you've been reading my posts for a long time Todd was one of my very special pupils - he still knows how to make me smile :)

And then I connected with Troy and Jules - we enjoyed the great weather, the great music and had a great meal at the other village pub - aptly named "The Village Pub"!! was all great!

 Okay...just one more...

Okay...two...  :)

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