Sunday, September 6, 2015

Foto Friday - a Little Late!

 What oh what was I doing one year ago today?  Oh yeah...I remember this back breaking job! Because our condo complex provides a large garbage bin twice a year so that we can get rid of junk that we can't put into garbage bags I took the opportunity to pull up flooring in my basement in preparation of having new vinyl plank flooring installed.

(obviously it wasn't as hot then as it is this year - we have a "heat warning" in effect and with the humidity if feels like 37c!!)
 My weapon of choice...

 Actually it was quite satisfying to pull it all up - I also got rid of the old baseboards. It was a ripping good time :)

Happily the cement floor was mildew/mould free and in good shape.

I left the underlay in place so we wouldn't have to walk on the bare cement as the new flooring wasn't being installed until December if I remember rightly.

Yeah, it ain't pretty but it was functional for the time being...there's my bike that I've ridden 3,000+ km. on.

Such a mish mosh of furniture - some new furniture entered the scene after the new flooring was put in - it's such a nice comfortable and warm area now.

Said dumpster.

Good riddance!

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