Monday, September 14, 2015

Preparations are Afoot!!

I waterproofed my boots today.  I <3 my boots, I really do. They are so comfy and keep my feet warm, dry and unblistered. I like to wear a pair of sock liners and then a pair of hiking socks over them. The only time I've had wet feet was when I walked in an area where the water was up to my knees :(   The downside of going on hiking trips is I have to wear my boots on the airplanes and trains as they are kind of big and awkward to fit into my suitcase. So I wear them. I keep the laces loose and slide them off when I'm sitting down.

 And my pack guessed it...PACKED!  I have a new day pack from Mountain Equipment Co. I wore it around the house today to see how the weight felt. Not bad, not bad at all! My other backpack is just a Roots backpack, meant more for school than as a day pack-it isn't very comfortable after a couple of hours as it tends to dig into my shoulders. My new pack spreads the weight out to my hips so I don't feel it in my shoulders at all!

It is all set to go - I have two water bottles in the side pockets and where it wraps around my waist there are 2 pockets for snacks.

In one pocket I have kleenex, toilet paper and ziploc bags :) In another pocket are my sunhat and warm headband if it gets cold. Close to the top is a pocket with a rain cover in it so if it rains I pop it over the pack to keep everything dry. I also have a small first aid kit, wet wipes, lip balm and gum. Oh, and a partial roll of duct tape!  No self-respecting Canadian goes anywhere rustic without duct tape. I know I used it a couple of times last year.  In the main compartment I have my rain jacket all rolled up tightly and a pair of rain pants. My raincoat has a hood that fits over my hat - I tried it on to make sure.

And I tried putting on my selection of rain pants to see which pair, if any, I could pull up without having to take my boots off and I had success with just one pair. That's all I need. I can't imagine getting caught in a deluge and having to take off my boots in order to put on my rain pants. Gotta make things as easy as possible.

Next challenge - the suitcase!!

PS - I'm already thinking about my next trip!! There is a path called the "London Loop" which is "140 miles of secret countryside to walk in a green corridor around London." Doesn't that sound fab?!?

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