Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Blogger Blues No More

I wish I could fix everything like that. Wait a day then try again. Hoping somewhere in the reboot process that the computer/blogger problems fix themselves. Sometimes it works! Waiting...what a great strategy!

COULD NOT look at snow anymore but wanted to be realistic so my header photo shows the "melt" in process and some COLOUR!! I got rid of the snow background template picture. Gotta have hope!

I'm buzzing around trying to get things done in case the electricity goes out. We had a card in our mailbox a week ago saying the electricity would be turned off from 9am to 3pm on March 17 and 18. So far today it hasn't gone off so I'm thinking the scheduled repairs only took one day instead of two. My luck however would be sudden darkness whist in the shower. Kinda like what happened to Kazi yesterday because we forgot - she was not impressed :(

So I'm delaying my walk as something I can do when the lights go out and every other device known to mankind stops working due to lack of power. I made chilli in my "Judy" during the night - smart huh? Well, it would have been smart had the electricity actually been turned off today. That's pretty much par for the course around here - forget about it on the day they turn it off, be all prepared for the day they leave it on!! Sigh...

My refund came... my refund came!! ...... and went......

On the bright side my plane tickets to the UK and back are paid for as is my deposit on the hike and my Airbnb in the City of York. Have you ever used Airbnb? I'd never heard of them until my brother used them for his trip to Scotland last year. And I found out that one of his neighbours who I've gotten to know has a suite set up in her basement for Airbnb.

Here's a link to mine: 

Cute eh? Fully separate and private with a yard, my own bathroom etc. And only $265 Cdn for FOUR nights!! Half the cost of a hotel!

Maybe that's what I could do with Kazi's room when she moves out...if she ever moves out...

The little beggars have been really cute lately:

Basking in the sunlight - double decker kitties!

Watching a pair of doves - KITTY TV!

Cat nap!

Waiting patiently at the front door for me to come home.

 Any Airbnb users out there? Stories?


  1. livingrichonthecheapMarch 18, 2015 at 12:12 PM

    I have never used Air BnB but heard good things. There is also which is essentially the same thing. Your fur mongers sure are cute - you are lucky Kazi is still at home = built in cat sitters lol.

  2. Never done that, but certainly have let out our basement room many times and it has been fine.

  3. One of my friends from college is REALLY into the tiny houses thingy and posts things like these all the time on FB. COOL!!! I didn't realize they were so cheap! Even cooler!
    And what's a Judy?

  4. A "Judy" is a crockpot named in honour of a blogger who has been on a long hiatus. Judy would often have half a dozen crockpots on the go at once to make extra meals for fridge and freezer. It got to be a bit of an inside joke.

  5. The girls have grown SO much!!
    Jane x

  6. Haven't heard of AirNub or whatever, but I have to say, your cats are SOO cute! lol! Love the photos you post, they look like they have such fun personalities!!

  7. never heard of Airbub either. That looks like a lovely place your staying though and a great price.

  8. Where did you get the cat pole?

  9. I'm glad that your blogger problems sorted themselves if only everything sorted themselves with a bit of time and walking away. I'm burned out on snow though. I have shoveled way too much to even want to look at it anymore.

  10. We stil have about 1/3 of our snow left - I guess it's a good thing (?) that it's melting slowly?

  11. I bought the cat pole at Pet Valu, a chain of pet stores around here (where Kazi got the kittens actually) and paid WAY too much money on it!

  12. I hadn't heard of it either til my brother told me about it last year - he stayed in a couple in the UK.

  13. They are a blast Carla - so much fun!

  14. I know, it's kinda sad. They both can't squeeze into their castle anymore. But they've discovered other great sleeping spots :)

  15. Well they are HER cats!! The hope is they go with her when she moves out, whenever that may be and I'll be the babysitter when she needs one!


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