Friday, March 13, 2015


It was as I thought - a blister under the toenail. I might lose the nail but then again I might not. However, toenails grow so slowly it'll be awhile before I know either way. As long as it's NOT FUNGUS I am a happy camper!

Well, happy until I look at my budget this month. I've been pointedly ignoring it the past couple of weeks and it hasn't been doing too well on its own. Don't ever leave your budget to look after itself...just sayin'...

Is March like the longest month of the year? It's only the 13th today for Pete's sake! Already I've transferred small amounts of money from savings into chequing to cover things...possibly but highly unlikely I might have $$ at the end of the month to put back into my savings but I'm not getting my hopes up too high.

So what has the misc budget been spent on so far this month??

  • my lovely new Merrell hiking sandals shown above around half-price $66.00 (includes taxes) I'm somewhat optimistic that spring, summer and fall WILL OCCUR at some point this year and when they do I'll be ready!! These give me an alternative to my hiking boots - I might even be able to wear them occasionally when hiking Hadrian's Wall when/if the weather is nice. At the very least I can wear them each day after hiking to give my feet a break! I just started wearing them around the house and I feel as though I have nothing on my feet. 
  • expensive eye drops and omega 3 vitamins to combat "dry eye" syndrome (I'm so tired of winter and it's effects on my body!!)  $32.00
  • some household things from Dollarama (oh...and candy!) $17.00
  • load my Timmy's card - $15.00
  • income tax software - $21.00
  • donation to help bring Nate home  $20.00
  • truck repair $11.00
  • movie $10.00
  • utilities (I underestimated both my electricity and natural gas - damn winter!!) $15.00
  • membership $192.00 (I swear this gets more expensive every year!)
  • Take-out food from Hong Pings $43.00
  • Wine - $20.00
  • Giant Tiger (jacket & chocolate bar) $32.00
That comes to a total of.....$494.00. I have $306 left in misc for a total of $800. Since my misc budget is set at $600 that means I've pulled $200 out of savings. I still have over 18 days left in March!! Yikes! I am REALLY going to try to make many of those NO SPEND DAYS!! 

The good news is I received over $800 in interest payments this month and am anxiously awaiting my tax refund to be deposited (over $1200). These monies will all go towards travelling this year. I have possibly 4 trips in the offing from a 4 day weekend to 2 weeks in England.  AND I'm hoping to buy a trailer soon. 

Bye bye money!!

Anyone else having an expensive month?


444 said...

I didn't think it was fungus. I don't know why I should think that I know anything about your toenails (although I was going to make some jokes like "maybe it'll feel better toe-morrow" - can I do that now?).

Nice sandals. I'd wear them! I'll continue my search for sandals I can put up with (I typically buy men's sandals for my big feet - not sure if that's a DSM-IV illness or not.)

Gill said...

it's been an expensive year so has to stop!!

livingrichonthecheap said...

I am at the halfway point in the grocery money but not the halfway point in the month lol. My natural gas bill is lower this month and no electricity bill now until next month so this should be a bit better than last month. You can do it Jane!

kim said...

Okay I told you it wasn't a fungus, always come to me with all your health problems I know what I am doing. I live those sandal thanks for showing them to me now I want them.....

Jane said...

Oooh,oooh, I love the sandals.
Our last hydro bill was stupid. It costs a lot not to die from hypothermia in Ontario.
Jane x

Jean said...

Have you checked your local library to see if they subscribe to Ancestry? They don't allow remote access but you could use it inside the library.

Holly Hollyson @ Full of Beans and Sausages said...

We had an expensive start to the year too :( but we are beginning to get back on track now. Your poor toe :( I hate losing toenails - they never grow back the same :(

Sonya Ann said...

I think you need to up your takeout and wine budget, its a bit on the small side. ;p
Glad it is just a blister, those Dr. sites will have you digging your own grave.
I bought two pairs of boots the other day. I normally try not to spend money but they were almost giving them away. $70 leather boots marked down to $17 and I had a 20% off coupon!!!! I bought two pair. Bad Sonya.

Val said...

Yay for a blister??? I think if it's a fungus, then antibiotics or an antibiotic cream would clear it up quick, wouldn't it? Darn shoes.

Fun60 said...

Fungus is the pits! I can't get rid of it so now just paint the toenails so I don't have to look at them. Glad to hear you've got your priorities right with travel planned and hiking sandals at the ready.