Monday, March 23, 2015

Boring Budget Basics otherwise known as the BBB

Every Monday I head out to fill Dougie the Dodge with gas and to buy groceries. I allot so much per week for these expenses. Now...wouldn't it be so nice if each month had exactly 4 weeks? Unfortunately the calendar doesn't work that way. Next week will be part March and part April. Should I allot the gas & groceries to March next week?  or April? Go halfsies? I spent a few moments thinking about that conundrum when I thought of a brilliant solution!! Yes, sometimes there is brilliance!!

I'm going to change gas & grocery day!! Instead of Mondays starting April 1st (no joke!!) gas & grocery day will be on WEDNESDAYS!! Woot woot!! No doubt at the end of April I'll have to make another little adjustment as we all know there are 4 weeks AND A COUPLE OF DAYS in every month, except February...why can't every month be nice and tidy like February?? The challenge will be to make the gas & groceries last 2-3 days longer at the end of each month. That's a challenge I can handle.

I guess I could stop being a zero budgeter but it's all I know!! There's usually some money left at the end of each month but I do what my gramma used to do - move the leftovers into a different "purse" and start fresh with next month's money. (Yes, I only get paid once a month!)

My gramma had two purses hidden behind a cushion in her bedroom. Her monthly money would go in one purse and she would pay all of her bills from it. Then whatever was left at the end of the month went into the "savings" purse. No carry over into the next month. And that's the way I do things too except I use bank accounts not purses. Maybe I should switch?'d be too tempting to spend.

After spending on gas & groceries today I have $61 left in the gas budget and $81 left in the groceries budget. If I can make that last til April 1st then I can tuck$142 into savings. If I can't it's no big deal as the money is there if I need it.

Are you going to make it to the end of the month before the end of your money?


livingrichonthecheap said...

I love the story about your Grandma. We do it by the month as pay ourselves on the 15th of every month - it seems to work ok. Some weeks I overspend and some I underspend. That way I can stock up if I see a great deal without worrying.

Jane said...

Hahahahahaha! Try having a cat budget..teeheeheehee..It'll work as well as ours does!
Jane x

Sonya Ann said...

Your grandma was a smart cookie! I love that you carried on her teachings.
I would have a hard time adjusting to one payday a month. Ugh, I would find a way but it would be hard.
Hey, where is your adsense widget?

444 said...

I like the idea of the separate, hidden purses. It's kind of like Dave Ramsey's envelopes, isn't it?

Marguerite said...

I have two bank accounts, one for spending and one to keep the 'extra'. Wish I could say the 'extra' account had money in it but turns out I'm not so good at saving.

Kim said...

I'm a teacher and get paid once a month. I know it is odd to others, but totally normal to me.

Jean | said...

I *love* your grandmother's two-purse banking system! Adorable *and* clever!