Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Lost Day: Stupid Toe

I lost a day yesterday.

It all began when clipping my toenails Monday. Just so you know I'm NOT going to show you any photos! There's nothing to see here folks, just move along!

One of my toes started hurting a few days ago so I figured the nails were due for a clipping. I don't really examine my toes closely on a daily basis - they're just there at the end of my feet and make themselves known when they need some care. I do trim my toenails on a fairly regular basis as when they get too long they can start digging into the toe beside them.

The one toe that hurt a little did look a bit red. I noticed the nail was lifting up too and that there was something between the nail bed and the nail. At first I thought - FUNGUS - HORRORS! But then as I clipped the nail I knicked the skin and it drained like a blister. From my reading it appears that I could lose my toenail (but grow a new one) and that's ok with me as long as it's not FUNGUS!! 

So yesterday was spent researching and gazing in horror at fungus photos, blister photos, trying home remedies (just in case) and generally being in a funk. I have a doctor's app't tomorrow.

I was so focussed on my stupid toe yesterday I forgot to put out my recycling (actually...I took it out this morning and then realized I missed a day...) I forgot to exercise, forgot to go to meditation...a lost day. Stupid toe. Here it is Wednesday but I'm thinking it's only Tuesday.



livingrichonthecheap said...

Owie - I lost a toe nail when I was a kid just like that and it hurt - they cut it off and it healed fine and I grew a new nail that is perfect so don't worry too much. I hate it when I miss recycling, they only do the paper/plastic/metal recycling every two weeks with garbage and lawn pickup every week.

Jane Harrison said...

Ours is once weekly + a day so now I have to wait til next Wed. That's a lot of newspapers! Grrrr...!

kim said...

Fungus usually does not hurt, I think bacteria got under the nail bed and you actually have or had an infection. Soak it in really hot salt water. I know feet having danced all my life!

Jane said...

Ouchie! I once had an ingrown toe nail..hurt like are braver than I am to 'self operate'!
Jane x

Gill said...

had an ingrown toenail it was flipping painful!! So I feel your pain.

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

It's getting so I can't see my feet unless there's a mirror and a pair of binoculars handy.

Sonya Ann said...

Poor you, poor toe. Yeah, it is just a bad idea to look at pictures or self-diagnose. You will be dead in 3 days if you listen to your dr. LOL. Soak it in Epsom salts and have a cocktail. See, I'm a doctor too. Now that will be $50. Or do you just want to play doctor?