Monday, February 2, 2015

February Budget

Mondays are "gas up the truck" day and "grocery shopping" day. Due to the major snowstorm we had yesterday and through the night I gassed up the truck this morning ($30.00) but am postponing grocery shopping until...??

I spent $10 more on gas this past week than the previous two weeks - most of that due to driving Kazi to work and back today with my truck as her car was stuck (I have since shovelled it out!) But I am ok with $30.00 as that is still under budget.

Thinking about NOT grocery shopping this week. This is why...

Freezer: 4 packages of fish/salmon plus a small turkey, lots and lots of frozen veg...

Fridge: Big pot of chicken soup made yesterday, lots of fruit, veg and dairy. A package of shrimp for tonight's dinner, still several avocados for guac; lots of fixings to make vegetarian chili plus I have all the ingredients to make ratatouille. We could probably eat for TWO more weeks, but we'll try for one. Plus Kazi said she's going to go to the grocery store today AND buy some wine :)

My misc budget for February was at $625 to start but is down to $526 already!! Some of that went to savings to round up the numbers :) , some went towards a higher than estimated heating bill :( , I spent close to $40 at Talize as they had outerwear and pants on for half price - I purchased a Columbia waterproof coat with a zipped in lining that can be removed and used on its own, a khaki jacket, khaki pants and another pair of hiking pants. At the Columbia store I would have paid several hundred dollars for these items!! I also took out $20 in cash. I have about $56 left in misc spending for this week. Should be more than enough. (crossing fingers)

The sun is shining but the wind is blowing our two fresh feet of snow constantly creating drifts where I just shovelled!! It's currently -11c but feels more like -20c with the wind chill. I am tired of winter and definitely won't be hiking tomorrow due to the frigid temperatures, the wind and snow up past my knees. I'm not a martyr!! I'm going to stay home and eat smarties instead!!

Oh, one last thing.....

No matter what I'm doing my girls are right there!! 


  1. Love the cats on the table, mine always want to be on my lap when I am in the bathroom?, Weird or what?

  2. livingrichonthecheapFebruary 2, 2015 at 3:27 PM

    I am doing the same - cleaning out the fridge to make sure we have low food waste. Total cuteness x 2! I got the puppy a couple days early and he has been my shadow (currently asleep in my lap as I type) so can't really go to the store too easy or get anything done in the house. I did manage to get a work presentation done though. Cheers!

  3. must be the time of year, as I am in the cleaning out the fridge and freezer mode as well!!

  4. Your fridge is SO clean!!! If you looked inside mine, you'd probably barf.

  5. Fridge cleaning is on the list for this week...but I could hide the list..pretend it got buried in snow!
    Jane x

  6. The girls are looking like right proper cats now aren't they? amazing how quickly they grow up. Amazing how much food can be found in the freezer if we look. I just cleaned out my freezer the other day and found I still have plenty of frozen garden food to keep us through the winter.


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