Monday, February 9, 2015

By the Numbers....

711 - the numbers of songs on my new "COOL Music" playlist
3 - numbers of hours wasted yesterday creating new music playlist
$30 - spent filling up my truck today
$15 - spent on groceries today - 2 blocks of cheese and some rice cakes (caramel popcorn                           flavour to hopefully satisfy my sweet craving :/
0 - money left in my misc fund until Friday - bet you can guess where that $$ went!!
46 - $$ spent on NEW music in the past week :)
3 - hours spent awake due to pain in the gluteus medius and minimus muscles of the hip last night            (harks back to the 20 km hike over icy/snowy terrain a couple of weeks ago - whenever I hike on         ice/snow now I suffer afterwards for a few days :( 
20 - number of minutes spent scraping ice (from hours of freezing rain yesterday) off my windshield         today
1 - new appliance purchased today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Okay, it was only a toaster:), but still....
7 - pairs of boots plus 1 pair of icers and a bag of salt cluttering up my foyer at present
3 - minutes it took before my immaculate floors bore evidence of kitty paws once again!!
5 - number of books I have on the go currently
39 - days until SPRING!!!!!
$176 - left in the food budget (out of $280)
$120 - left in the gas budget (out of $180
$311 - left in misc budget (out of $625)
1 - movie left to watch before I have to return the pile to the library tomorrow

So....bye!! Going to watch the movie!!


Holly Hollyson said...

Loving the idea of just 39 days left to spring!

Laura / No More Spending said...

I'm loving the Spring number too!

Jane said...

Thirty eight now!!
Jane x

Gill said...

lots and lots of numbers, made for good reading though!