Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Budget Boogaloo

February is quickly coming to a close - now if it would only take the brutally cold air with it!! One of the thousands of things I like better about spring are the reduced utility bills. With this February shaping up to be THE COLDEST ON RECORD then my heating bill is likely to be THE HIGHEST ON RECORD!!

The Lowlights and Highlights of February's Budget:

  • Lowlights - I underestimated my heating bill and electricity bill by $24; considering how cold it's been that's hardly surprising. I took the extra out of my misc budget and sucked it up!
  • a few things have gotten more expensive: my monthly internet bill increased by $3, the hot water tank rental increased by $1, property taxes are increasing by approx. 2.5% but I don't have the new amount yet. That's it for lowlights - nothing broke down, nothing had to be fixed, we stayed warm, ate well and indulged in lots of wine and chocolate!!
  • Highlights - I stayed on budget!! AND I had leftover money in all three variable budgets (gas, food and misc)
  • a decrease in car/home insurance means that the little increases in other bills were mostly covered
  • I have $24 left in the food budget :) ... $85 left in the gas budget :)...and $53 left in the misc budget!! so.....I made an extra payment on my mastercard towards my trip in Sept. and put a little extra into savings to round up the numbers. I'm leaving the $53 in my account to cover gong out to breakfast, going out for coffee, a purchase at Home Depot etc.
  • Savings increased by $664 this month!! $350 of that is from my pension and the rest is from interest payments from accounts and RRSPs. 
  • Misc purchases this month included: 2 little trips to the thrift shop, some new music for my iPod, a guidebook for a possible trip in 2016, a yoga app, new camera batteries, a new toaster, a special Valentine's party for me and 2 girlfriends, a book for my iPad (or two), a new charge cord for my laptop; ...I went to a movie or two, went out for lunch, breakfast and multiple coffees and I went to the Bryan Adams concert!! Which was fabulous!! (and actually paid out of January's misc budget). 
February's budget was a great success! But then it was only a 28 day month! March will be slightly more challenging I'm sure. Having a trip to work towards does help me squeeze my pennies though - it really helps to have a goal. 

Re Gofundme - I think it only makes sense that you really check out what you're contributing towards. Since Nate was Kazi's friend I had no qualms about donating money towards bringing him back to Canada. I would never donate to someone's "sad story" unless I checked into it and made sure it was REAL. 


  1. Heating bills are too scary this year. Isn't about time we had a really mild winter?
    Jane x

  2. I'm so sorry about Kazi's friend! And the heating bills! Hopefully it will be warmer soon!

  3. It was on CTV news last night about Kazi's friend. That's good how you managed to stay on budget during the month of February.

  4. You rocked the budget in February Jane!
    I did mean to say how sorry I was about Kazi's friend too, the last comment I made.... 8-(
    As for my food spending, well, I plea the fifth! lolz

  5. Glad to see you can do this it gives me hope!

  6. I love ti when a plan comes together. I feel all Ateam!

  7. livingrichonthecheapFebruary 26, 2015 at 12:21 PM

    Between Vet bills and our highest heating bill of the year I was doing the budget boogaloo too! But - we have lower bills to look forward to yay! Hydro went up here 10% this year, but natural gas is how we heat our water/fireplace/bbq and it actually went down 6%. I kind of wish our heat pump was on natural gas instead of hydro though. $380 was our bill which is a two month billing.

  8. I am so fortunate to be able to heat with natural gas - it also heats the hot water tank and I have a gas dryer. It really makes a difference. My natural gas bill was $81.51 which seems high to me (compared to warmer months) but that also includes the dryer and hot water tank so really it's pretty low.

  9. There's always hope...and sacrifice to a certain extent - it really means analyzing what's important and what isn't. you won't have any problem figuring that out!

  10. We are definitely over due!! Let's keep our fingers crossed that next winter is mild!


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