Friday, February 6, 2015

Best Laid Plans...

... gang aft agley...!!

Although I said I was going to wait to see my "tax situation" I've gone and booked my flight!!

Into Manchester!!

To hike Hadrian's Wall with my friend and fellow blogger Annie!!

Most of you know Annie - but here's her blog url, just in case you haven't met her yet: "Northern Living Allowance."  If you are a regular reader of my blog you'll know that Annie and I met up for the first time in person on my last trip to England. We forgot to take a selfie during that visit so I decided to make another journey across the pond :) We connected through our blogs... oh I don't know...5 years ago? 6? Annie used to live in Canada, in the Yukon no less!! But she felt the call to move to England and is enjoying new adventures there and LOVING it!!

(**I thought I was getting a great deal on my flight until I discovered it was in American dollars!! Once converted into Canadian dollars ay yi yi!!)

So I'll keep posting wonderful photos to make myself feel better - I mean...who can put a price on THIS!!

 Or THIS!!

And then there's THIS!

I've been pouring over my big map of England which is spread out over my dining room table to decide where I'll spend a few days after our hike is over. I'm considering one of the following: Liverpool, York, Edinburgh, the Lake District... right now I'm most interested in York or Edinburgh. Decisions, decisions!!

Thanks Mike for the advice about the waterproofs - I realize I probably won't be so lucky a second time around. Last year's trip saw me carry my rain gear daily in my back pack where it stayed - for TWO weeks - no rain!! But I am realistic and know that was an anomaly!! (Though I'll keep my fingers crossed that the good weather fairy will follow me around again!)

Having this trip to plan for and look forward to has really lifted my spirits - I read recently that we get just as much joy and excitement from the planning stages as we do from the actual trip. Ain't that a trip?!

Plus I needed some motivation to get eating right and moving more - this should do the trick!

Now I need to plan my trip to PEI this spring!! I'll be busier than a rooster in a henhouse!


  1. livingrichonthecheapFebruary 6, 2015 at 11:30 AM

    What a neat trip! Think of your rain gear as insurance. You don't bring it it will rain every day. You do bring it and you will get the same weather as last year (hopefully :))

  2. Exciting!
    When are going to PEI?

  3. my neck of the woods, we are from the Carlisle area originally. I would suggest you DON'T read my blog post for tomorrow, as it's all about the air trip to Glasgow last month!!! Can't wait to see/read all about your trip. When do you go?

  4. I would love to do that with Hub's someday. It looks just beautiful.

  5. I have discovered there is nothing I enjoy more than walking in a beautiful landscape.

  6. Well now I HAVE to read your post lol! I'll end up near Carlisle, it looks beautiful!

  7. Not sure yet Sluggy. I'll be staying at my sister's so have to coordinate with her busy slate of visitors!! Probably spring. But before the black flies!!!

  8. Exactly! I figured it didn't rain on me because I was so prepared!! So I'll go with that presumption once again. :)

  9. I used to live Nr Edinburgh (it's always windy!)
    Jane x

  10. What a beautiful landscape. And you get to enjoy it with NLA! win win!

  11. Spread your wings, pretty lady! Oh and share the pictures.

  12. Hmm. Not sure if my comment went through. :/ Anyways it looks gorgeous! Well worth the ticket price I'm sure!

  13. Spring... before the black flies and after the ground becomes firm again. Ahaha! With all this snow, we might have spring by May or so.

  14. These photos are stunningly gorgeous. Will be looking forward to seeing all your photos!


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