Friday, December 12, 2014

The Good, the Bad and the Very Very Ugly!

The Good:
It's been an up and down kind of week. Very busy with the flooring installers finishing up their previous job early so arrived to do my basement ahead of schedule. That's GOOD!
A "basement reno" post will be on its way soon!

I'm way behind in posts but I'll catch up. Now that I'm stuck inside for a few days. That'll be explained in the "Ugly" section of this post.

Back to the GOOD....if cuteness was goodness Lily would be Mother Teresa!
Praying for yummy treats for Christmas!
 Grooming for the holidays...Luna is making sure Lily lays still for her lickin'!! Lily's being GOOD!
Hold still while I'm licking you!
This was such a momentous occasion I had to take a photo!! Five years since I last saw this price!! That's not's GREAT!!
First time gas has been below $1.00/L in 5 years!!
Well, Luna's intentions were GOOD I'm sure! It was nice to have her company while I cleaned out and re-organized the furnace room. Now it's looking GOOD!
My not-so-helpful helper during furnace room cleanup!

 The Bad:
The bad is only temporary thank goodness! And this is only a small part of it. Now that the reno is done I have several basement storage areas jam packed full of a) junk b) yard sale stuff and c) stuff I'm keeping. So let the sorting, tossing and rearranging begin! The furnace room is done.

Next up is the laundry room, the storage area under the stairs and the storage area off the laundry room. I've lugged a couple bags to the dumpster with much more to come. The other part of this job is putting my large collection of paintings etc back up on the walls. When I thought I was moving to PEI I took everything down and stored it in bins. Now I get to put it all back up again on freshly painted walls (mostly). Progress is being made.

Too much stuff!

The Ugly:
On Wednesday I felt my forehead getting tight but sort of ignored it. I've had a tiny bump in my widow's peak for weeks, it didn't seem to change, couldn't be seen and didn't bother me. Thursday morning I woke up with a Klingon forehead and a lot of facial pain. There was swelling on my forehead, around my eyes, bridge of my nose and cheeks. What the hell?

So off to the doctor I went. Their diagnosis - folliculitis.  Massive antibiotics required. Who knew that one miniscule infected hair follicle could cause one's entire face to blow up? I look like I have two black eyes and my glasses keep sliding down because there is just one mass of puffiness between my eyes. The photo doesn't do it justice. I am not a happy camper as I refuse to go out looking like this and Christmas is less than 2 weeks away!! Bah humbug I say!! 


Val said...

Yikes woman!!! I hope it clears up for you soon! You don't want to spend Christmas looking like a Klingon...

kim said...

You look great, I will send you my striped pjs,

Freckles said...

You don't look bad, per se ... but it does look uncomfortable / painful. Time to do some major infusion of vitamins and immunity boosting (juicing perhaps?) to complement the antibiotics. Does this mean you will give up cutting your hair as short as you do? If so, too bad, it suits you!

Lower gas prices are good ... for some. Those of us in Alberta, however, are smiling at the pumps but quaking in our boots every other moment. Lower oil prices = layoffs, even for those of us not working in the oil and gas industry. It's a domino effect. No layoffs announced yet but definitely hiring freezes and projects put on hold.

P.S. Thanks for your previous expanded post on renos after my question ....

P.S.S. With the upcoming holiday season that also marks an anniversary of a not-so-stellar moment in your life, I'm wondering if you have a "game plan" to navigate the next few weeks to keep away the negative feelings and emotions? Keeping busy is always a good bet. So many changes for you over the past 365 days, I'm excited for New Year's Day to arrive for you as a tangible marker of "And now THAT'S done and in the past, and now I can do THIS or THAT or NOTHING IF I DON'T WANT TO ....."

2015 is going to be JANE'S year!!!!

livingrichonthecheap said...

You need to come up with some incredibly awesome totally bogus story ie. got into a bar brawl with Justin Bieber and he lost....or chased down a fiend who was mugging an old lady. Also, invest in a really cool toque and shades = celebrity status instead of hiding out. What a pain in the.....forehead!

Michelle said...

Aw, Jane. :( Are you crossing your eye on purpose? :oP Just wondering if you shouldn't opt for massive antibiotics in the form of oil of oregano? I'm reading a lot about this natural approach and its effectiveness. Antibiotics are just so bad. Now I have to go google 'folliculitis and oil of oregano'. I think your band aid is rather cute and flattering.

ND Chic said...

I love the cute kitty pics. I feel empathy for you and I hope you are feeling better very soon.

Annie said...

Oh no! Those darned hair follicles! Hope it clears up soon. Everything looks like it's coming together, house-wise, at least, even if its owner is feeling a bit 'newly renovated.' Online shopping is what the Internet was invented for ;)

Gas is coming down here, too, which is great - down to £117.9 at some pumps! Doubt it'll fall that much lower, but I'm happy for any drop, particularly with a 100 mile daily commute. Phew! Looking forward to 10 days off at Christmas, I can tell you.

Feel better soon! xxx

it's me Sam said...

Love the band-aid. Who knew that an infected hair follicle could do such damage! Love the kitties... Hope your on the mend!

Jane said...

The kittens are too stinking cute!!
We had an (unintentional) declutter the other felt great,and the Salvation Army are getting the benefit.
You could never be ugly,Jane!
Jane x

Jan said...

Those antibiotics will knock that right out. I hope you are feeling more yourself soon.

Rachel Davis said...

Glad your basement reno is coming along. And your kitties are so cute! Sorry about your follicle issue :(