Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Taking That First Step

Sometimes you just have to take that first step. It can be difficult and scary and most of the time we don't do it. We have so many "reasons" that hold us back: the timing isn't right, something bad will happen, it won't work out, it's too much effort, too much money, it doesn't feel safe... blah blah blah.

 However on the rare occasion that I have taken that first step I have found that space usually opens up for good things to happen. It's weird.

When I got the estimate for the basement flooring I was discouraged - it seemed like so much money and here I am on a pension now - should I really be spending that much money? Perhaps I'm a little unrealistic or naive but I didn't think it would cost that much. BUT I had ripped up the previous flooring, thrown it all in the back of faithful Dougie the Dodge, drove to the large construction dumpster that our condo corporation provides twice a year and tossed it all in. It was gone. I had the choice of living with concrete floors (brrrrr & UGLY) or getting some sort of flooring put in. And if I decided to sell the condo some time in the future floors are kinda necessary.

So I gritted my teeth and approved the estimate and away we went. I took that first step into the abyss! And darn it all if good things didn't happen.

  • First I got a call that the wrong underlay had been chosen. That was corrected with savings of $132 back to me!
  • Then the installers decided that no levelling needed to be done!! And there were 4 packages of flooring that wasn't used in addition to the 2 bags of cement not needed. I received refunds of $303 and $127!! (materials and labour)
  • Finally I noticed that they had charged me for 5 transition pieces into other doorways but I only have 3 doorways in the basement that needed transition pieces! That little observation put another $90 in my pocket!  Ca-ching!!
  • Savings totalling $652 put the price back into the realm of "possibly affordable" and I was thrilled to say the least. The savings helped to cover the cost of new items for the TV room - a new futon cover and pillows, a set of 3 storage ottomans and most of the cost of a new fireplace/TV stand coming tomorrow along with 2 new chairs!!
 Aside: I HIGHLY recommend Futons to Go!! For $149 I received  futon cover, 2  roll cushions and 2 square cushions with covers.  There are literally hundreds of designs to choose from and it took less than a week to ship from the U.S. I am very pleased!

Other good things have happened too - I received a big refund on car/home insurance (not sure why and afraid to call to find out!!) of over $600!! AND I totally forgot that in November and December I don't have to pay my property taxes (I'm on a 10 month plan) saving me another $304!!  The TV room, my new dishes and my beautiful new dining room rug and PAID FOR!! 

On the down side I did lose my Timmy's card on Monday with about $22.00 left on it :( so I just hope someone found it who needed it. 

The moral of my little story is to take a chance and step outside of your comfort zone. I'm hoping the next time I need to take a first step it'll be a little easier than it was this time. Space will open up but I have to make the first move. 


Val said...

Awesome!!! Beautiful flooring and furniture AND savings!

livingrichonthecheap said...

That is some good Karma going on!

Michelle said...

I think you must have horseshoes up yer arse. The floors look awesome! Can't wait to see the room all put together. Wish I could come over and watch a movie, eat popcorn, drink beer and chill out with you.

Laura / No More Spending said...

Woohoo for money back! It's all looking good Jane :)

Being Me said...

Good choices my friend, you're so cool.

Jane Harrison said...

What's stopping you...besides the roughly 1700 km?? One way :(