Monday, December 22, 2014

December 21st - the Shortest and Darkest Day of the Year

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of "he who shall not be named" departing from Crabapple Landing.  Although it was also the winter solstice and thereby the shortest and darkest day of the year (how very appropriate) the sun was shining brilliantly when I got up and it was hard to put a frown on my face. There was a hike in the morning in one of my favourite places so I picked up my pal at 9am and off we went. I was a little intrigued about the hike as I was asked to help out with a "surprise"!

What glorious sunshine! It's been a month since we've had snow on the ground. Meadowlily looked just beautiful today. Now that all the leaves have dropped it looks so different!

Our fearless leader today is Ted. He and his co-leader Mike were the instigators of the surprise.

Can you see the water of the Thames River through the trees? Kinda, sorta?

 It was a crispy -3c so this little stream of water was partially frozen over.

The sun is low on the horizon now but starting tomorrow it will begin its journey back towards us and each new day will bring us 2 more minutes of daylight!!

Right around here Mike and I headed off away from the group, moved quickly ahead on the path and hurriedly set up some treats - cookies and mandarin oranges.  Next time I want some hot chocolate though guys...are you listening??
There's Santa himself!
and his helper!

There were around 30 of us hiking today - a good sized group!

Everyone was appreciative of the half-way point snack.
Nice facial expression I've got going on - I must be ho ho ho-ing! Or...stuffing my face with cookies!
But I wasn't the only one!

 Time to clean up, turn around and head back!

 The river was covered in geese...

...and the path was covered with hikers!

 as so often happens when hiking I fall behind taking photos...
 ...however, as long as the "sweep", the final hiker who makes sure no one gets left behind, is waaaay behind me I don't need to worry...there he is...
 ...even so I walked double time to catch up with my friend...
...and there's the sweep catching up too!
 There's a long line of us today..
I love my little camera...point and click...I barely have to slow down, let alone stop, when we are moving along at a quick pace...

hmmmm...where to cross the water?

...getting a helping hand, don't want to get a soaker! looks more like spring than winter! And I am ok with that!

...almost finished...picking up the pace as we are lured by the thought of coffee at Timmy's!
...goodbye Meadowlily...see you again soon!

Do you have snow?? Will your Christmas Day be white or green??


  1. livingrichonthecheapDecember 22, 2014 at 7:08 PM

    I hope you and Kazi have a wonderful Christmas with your new fur babies. Cheers!

  2. You are a strong and marvelous woman!

  3. It's white here right now, but they're calling for rain on Christmas day. Yuck!

  4. No snow in Columbia, MO, but I'll be heading to Madison, WI and they usually have snow. Merry Christmas.

  5. We always have a green Christmas! Though I wish I had a hike like that! So flat and dry here! Merry Christmas to you!

  6. Definitely a white one here in SK. We had a fair bit of melting in the middle of December, but a dump of snow last week freshened up the white blanket. The temps have been very fair, hovering between -5 and -10C.
    Looks like a great hike. What a wonderful way to spend the day.


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