Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Day at the Beach!

So what does a retired teacher do now that school is back in session?? Why...go to the beach of course!! Bayfield beach to be precise - one of my favourite places to relax. There's a nice pier to walk out on, a beautiful marina with several quaint old building and boat houses. Thursday was sunny and hot - so a trip to the beach seemed like the natural thing to do!
 A LUCKY photo of a sandpiper walking in between me and the lake just as a wave was crashing on the shore.
It's not the ocean, but it sure is pretty.
The fishermen were out as usual on the pier.
 Andy many sailboats were out on the somewhat choppy water.
 I count 4 in this picture alone!
 The seagulls were busy basking in the sun and eating the popcorn Julie kept throwing in their direction.
 Walking on the pier - I did go and see a trailer I was interested in but I seem to be dragging my feet.  I'm going to wait til after my trip before I make a decision...or put in an offer...
I'm way out on the pier but zoomed in on Julie and our spot without her realizing it!
 I find there are LOTS of photo opportunities at the marina.
 These lights along the pier always make me think of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I expect Tumnus to wander into sight any minute!
 The colours are so bright and crisp in the warm sunshine.
 However fall is definitely on the way - the purple martin houses are deserted now.
 I love this boat - I'm not sure if it's operational - I've never seen it move from this spot.
 A POSTCARD shot :)
 I've often thought I could live in a houseboat.
There's Jules...I'm going to sneak up on her! Shhhhhhh!


Jake said...

You make me want to go to Bayfield. Yes, I think I could live on a house boat.

livingrichonthecheap said...

Any day by any kind of water, ocean, stream, river, lake is a good day in my books. Those sandpipers kill me, I saw one chasing off a large crow 3x its size the other day. They are quite territorial. How lovely that you got to enjoy the weather instead of being stuck inside a classroom!

kim said...

It looks just lovely! Wish I was there.

Jane said...

The only time I've been to Bayfield was at Christmas and a very chilly autumn...still lovely though.
Jane x

Sonya Ann said...

What wonderful and beautiful adventures you are having! You have come so far and so fast. Your life is definitely on the upswing.