Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear Diary

Good morning my dears: From time to time I've toyed with keeping a diary, something in which to record daily events from the mundane (the weather) to the ridiculous (my life:) and occasionally get started but always I let it slide. I find it both burdensome and somewhat redundant to keep both a blog AND a diary so I've made a decision.

I'm going to include a "Dear Diary" segment at the end of each post and sometimes it will be instead of a post as I don't usually do a blog post everyday. You're welcome of course to read my diary entries - they may not be very exciting and don't feel obligated to comment on them. It's more a little record-keeping for myself as my memory isn't what it was and sometimes I try to remember what I did on such and such a day and I can't! I've kept diaries in the past (pre-computers!) and I enjoy looking back to see what I was up to in l992. We remember the big events, but the ordinary everyday stuff gets forgotten (and yet I find it so interesting!!)

So here goes....

Dear Diary:
So I'm starting a new routine, or at least trying to (must be honest with Dear Diary!) When I first get up in the morning I'm going to make a coffee and toast (or oatmeal) and spend some time on the computer updating my diary and perhaps writing a blog post. I don't get the newspaper from my neighbour, Alma, until about 8am, (sharing the cost and sharing the newspaper is going well) so I have some time if I get up at my usual 7am.

Yesterday was a good day - went on a hike along the Thames from Adelaide almost to Richmond, behind St. Peter's seminary. We had some difficulties though because parts of the trail were flooded - I heard we got 6 inches of rain thereabouts during Friday's multiple thunderstorms. Michelle, Mike and I went to Timmies after. I had some good conversations with people I hadn't talked to before while hiking - Mark in particular about retirement and choosing the right time to go.

Still haven't received the $$ from the house closing. The lawyer dealing with it is off on holidays until Sept. 12th so perhaps that's why? Doesn't seem right though that I should have to wait while the lawyer cavorts around the island! I'm dragging my feet on the trailer - I'm just not sure at this particular point in time whether to take the plunge or not - I may wait until spring as I wouldn't be able to use the trailer until then anyways and I could possibly get away with making a lower offer. The hot water tank has to be replaced at a cost of $600 so there's that to consider. I'm going to wait til at least after I come back from my trip and then decide if I want to make an offer or wait til spring. I like scheduling my decisions - it takes off the stress:0

Just found out Kim is going to Ireland while I'm in the UK - two siblings overseas at the same time! Too bad we're not on the same plane but he's leaving one day before me.

Am having difficulties with my complexion - at MY age! I find my pores are larger so when I sweat they get clogged. What fun! I rarely wear makeup (YAY!) and try to clean my skin a few times a day but still I get a whitehead or two after a sweaty hike. Thank you menopause! Grrrrr.

The humidity is gone and the weather is perfect right now. Sunny and low 20's (celcius). I think today's exercise will be a bike ride. I'm still looking for a gas station with free air for my bike tires. I refuse to pay $1.00 to add air to my tires!! What's that diary? cheap cheap cheap! 

I am reading two books right now. A real book that Kim gave me by Canadian writer Alistair MacLeod (died this past April) called "No Great Mischief" about the clann Chalum Ruaidh. (Kim has Alistair MacLeod as a teacher when he went to the University of Windsor!) Kim and I have been talking alot about how we sometimes get bogged down and depressed by our memories of the past and that we're too darn sensitive and he gives me a book to read that's all about memories of the MacDonald clan!! narrated by the 'ille bhig ruaidh. It's a weighty book, full of loss but full of strength.  The other book is on my iPad and is a bit more light-hearted called "A Fatal Winter: A Max Tudor Novel" about an Anglican minister in England who formerly an MI5 agent and gets caught up in a murder investigation. The author G.M. Malliet (Death of a Cozy Writer) is one of my favourite british mystery writers and has a quirky sense of humour and this book makes me laugh out loud while reading. (A Pagan Spring - haven't read yet)

And that's life at Crabapple Landing.


  1. scheduling decisions=perfecting life.

  2. I'm so envy your upcoming trip!!! And if I posted my diary in my blog, I would be down to 2 followers. period. pretty quickly!


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