Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Lady of Leisure

 Somehow I don't think "lady of leisure" describes me very well. I'm always up to something. And this past Saturday that "something" was the basement.
I noticed the large TRASH BIN was back and I found out it's going to be there for the month of September as students and families move in and out. Brilliant! I wasn't planning on starting the basement quite yet but can't look a trash bin in the mouth! (Is that how the saying goes??)
About 12 years ago me, myself and I laid laminate flooring down in the basement. You didn't know I was so handy did you? It was a March break project - I cut some instructions out of a magazine, found some half price flooring and literally "got busy"!! The basement is home to our TV/exercise room, a furnace/work room, a laundry room and two storage areas and a reading nook.
I think I did a pretty good job overall. I also did the trim and baseboards and since I didn't know how to mitre the corners I used corner pieces for the baseboard but it looked nice I thought.
 BUT ever since the hot water tank broke down a couple years ago flooding the basement with an inch of water I worried that there might be mould under the laminate and underlay.
 So I've been waiting for the right moment to get started on this lovely project and what with the free bin to throw the flooring in I thought to myself - "THE TIME IS NOW!"
My tool of choice...plus I used a flat head screwdriver and a hammer and my amazing strength!
 The hardest part was finding a place to start. Once one board is removed it all starts to come up.
I had two shag area rugs I decided to toss too - they date back to when Kazi was in Gr. 11 and we had an exchange student from France stay with us for two weeks so they are 6-7 years old. I suppose that's not terribly old but I'm in a "out with the old, in with the new" kind of mood.
I ripped through the underlay thinking I was going to see black mould but all there was was the bare concrete floor. No mould behind the baseboards either. I'm very relieved.  Now could somebody put the laminate back in place please??
 Hah, just kidding, sort of...

You know vacuuming the underlay is a tricky business - the vacuum wanted to suck it all up so I switched to the vacuum brushy attachment and that worked better.
 Isn't the TV/exercise room lovely now? Such a nice floor. I haven't a clue what to put down there - suggestions?

 My old cat likes it better - she doesn't slip around on the underlay as much as she did on the laminate.
 The reading area is done....
and vacuumed.

It took many many trips up and down the basement stairs with arm loads of flooring and baseboards - I pulled Dougie the Dodge right up to my front door and loaded him up, then drove over to the bin and unloaded. A neighbour came over and helped me unload the first and largest load - thank you Clint!
 There's all my crap - it's going to get hauled away for FREE!! 
And Dougie, once again you came through big time! Who needs a man when they have Dougie the Dodge to help!?!  I mean look at him - isn't he lovely? He just sits there waiting patiently and quietly until I need him. The strong and silent type! Of course my back is feeling it and my right wrist is suffering from repetitive strain but those things won't last.

And so, the decision of what to put down for flooring in the basement will be scheduled for AFTER my trip - it's ok for now.

Dear Diary:
HAHAHAHA day off to a great start! Warmer this morning - +17c whereas yesterday morning it was freezing! No sunshine to speak of yet. The neighbour guy with all the dogs was outside laughing maniacally earlier - not sure why...other than he's weird! Yesterday did not go exactly as planned but then my days rarely do. I had it all sorted that I would get details of my trip figured out and then go for a bike ride to loosen up my stiff muscles but it took the whole freakin' day to find and print things like the London TUBE map and my train trip reference numbers for the 3 train trips I booked etc etc etc...not that I'm complaining Diary (yes, I am) but it was a long day sitting in front of the computer. Thanks to my friend Annie for booking another train trip for me as I didn't know which station I'd be leaving from after I visit her. Well, at least I know what an "Oyster" card is now:)

The detail that took the longest to sort out was how to get from the Norwich train station to my B&B which is in a small village a few miles away. I finally found a local bus line that goes "close" to where I'm staying so then I'll either walk the rest of the way (not far) or call a taxi (I found a phone number for one). 

Note to self: next trip will be much simpler - no zigzagging all over the damn place requiring multiple planes, trains, buses, tubes and taxis!!!

Today I am going to read all the pre-trip info that was sent to me by the "walking tour" people and make my final "to do" and "to buy" lists. Everything is pretty much paid for except my meals. Breakfast is included at all of my B&B's and I'm going to see if I can nab a few extra items from breakfast to eat for lunch - worth a shot. Then I only have to pay for dinner. I'm told everything is expensive over there. 

Then, if there is any time left I'll get out for a bike ride, oh, and if it isn't raining! At least I have leftovers for dinner so no planning required there. Last night's dinner of salmon, cauliflower and green onions was superb! Green onions just make everything taste better and mixing them with steamed cauliflower was to die for. But here I still am :) 
PS - finished "A Fatal Winter" - only 1 left in the series :(


livingrichonthecheap said...

Thank goodness there was no mold under all that. Now you will have a brand new condo by the time you are done. The more details you sort out ahead of time when travelling ensures you will have a good time. I was a travel agent - it definitely makes a difference.

Sonya Ann said...

You are AMAZING! Really! I would love to have laminate/wood floors but I'm afraid one thing would lead into another and I would be redoing all of the floors and the trim. I'll stick with carpet for a while. Carpet that needs to be replaced but we won;t talk about that.

Tania said...

Atta, girl! You're amazing. I wish I was half as handy... if my dad would only let me. I hope your arms and back feel better! Do a lot of stretching exercises and you should be back in no time to jump onto your next project. I too believe green onions make EVERYTHING better. Havent bought them in a while!

Tania said...

Woot woot. Congrats!

mcval said...

Yay for unguarded dumpsters!!! You had done an excellent job on that laminate flooring! Too bad you had to yank it up... and glad no mold! My son is allergic and we had to move him out of the basement when the water heater blew up.