Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Few Days - sniff

A few final pictures of PEI, we'll be heading home this Friday! My, how the time has flown by!  We were over at West Point for awhile on Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day, then a storm system moved in - I love watching weather move in over the water...lots of thunder but only a few sprinkles of rain. We huddled under an umbrella and wrapped our blanket around us and made it through ok.
On Saturday we were invited out on a friend's boat. It was mostly sunny that day too so we really lived it up! Two nice days in a row is a record for this wet summer.
 This picture is my "catch of the week"! When we were docking the boat a wedding group was gathered on the dock for some photos. I managed to take a quick snap of this little flower girl before she dashed off. I just love the composition of this photo and the light - purely accidental as she sat there for perhaps 5 seconds.
 I always wanted to see this lighthouse closer up - it's on a little island off Northport pier only reachable by boat, so was thrilled that we got to have a walk around the island. Found a lot of sand dollars!

 A couple days ago we dug up a few maple seedlings from the ditch along our road and planted them in a field near our house.  We also replace the 4 spruce trees that didn't survive the winter from last year's planting. Keep your fingers crossed that they prosper and grow!
 One thing Michael did a couple of weeks ago that I LOVE was create a pathway through our bamboo patch! Next year we'll put a bench in there - for some reason the mosquitoes don't find us in there:)

Kind of a dark picture but can you see the bamboo patch to the left? It's huge!
 It's a little sanctuary in there - green, leafy, quiet.
 Here's some of the new little potatoes. We'll be digging up a bunch to take home with us - I love the little ones - they're so cute (and tasty!)
 Just so you don't think that Michael does all of the manual labour here's a picture of one of the 5 holes I dug for the maple seedlings :)
 Here's me at my favourite local hangout - the A & C. I didn't realize that Ellen (server and step-daughter of the owner) was flashing her cash behind me!
 They're a lively bunch at the A & C. There's Julie (server and singer extraordinaire) hamming it up behind Stever, the owner.  He's trying to take a picture of the musicians - lots of live music going on here - it's a happening place!
 Finally a few pictures from Michael's adventure: he went out with Julie's fiancee's lobster boat on setting day. Setting day is a very big day in these parts - it's the first day they can go out and set their lobster traps. The weather was pretty bad and the waves were really big (one boat from N.B. went down but the fishermen were rescued) but Michael being Michael was up for the adventure.

 On the way back in they checked a trap and already lobsters had found their way in!  
 This is Michael taking his turn throwing in a trap.
Thankfully he didn't go overboard with the trap - it does happen from time to time!  Where was I you ask? Tucked up in my wee bed!  He had to be there at 5:30am and lobster fishing isn't high up on my bucket list:) 

Maybe next year!

Probably my next post will be from London, ON....unless I say to heck with it all, quit my job and stay here!  I would if I could!

Bye for now...enjoy the final few weeks of summer!


Mark said...

C'mon, just be rich and stay. You should try winning the Lottery or something. That seems fun, right?
Love that photo of the little girl. Do you know how hard I work at getting a photo that looks like that? Really hard!!!
Your Friend, m.

Sharon said...

looks wonderful, Jane. So glad you are having a great time!

Niki said...

Looks like you are having a blast!!

The Borrower said...

That picture is amazing (flower girl).

Sorry your vacation is ending, but it still looks like a fabulous time.

Jane said...

Mark - funny you should say that - about 30% people polled here is Canada say "winning the lottery" is their retirement savings plan!!
I can't even win the local 50/50 draw around here - all of about $300 bucks. I don't think that would be enough anyways.

~Carla~ said...

Looks like you've been having a fabulous time, Jane!! :) You don't think $300 would suffice for your retirement fund?! ;)

Louise said...

love the pics Jane, make the most of the last few days!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I love the one with the flower pretty.

As for the boat in big thank


Anonymous said...

beautiful! I'd skip the lobster boat too! actually I'd skip just about anything that starts that early!

Out My window said...

My Husband the Forester says to put plastic milk cartons with the bottoms cut out around those trees. Bury the containers about 3 inches deep and let it surround the baby trees, this will keep them warmer and protect them. Cheap and easy. I would hate to leave there.

Lisa said...

I love reading about your adventures! Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

jpkittie said...

looks like your summer has been amazing & restful!!!

Michelle said...

You show that you live life to the fullest! I'm sure you had the best time despite this crappy weather. You do know it's not been a typical summer, right? Last year was the best... hot and lots of sunshine. I love that!

Funny thing... I remember from when I was a kid in elementary school, learning that the hotter the summer, the harsher the winter. This winter is supposed to be 'normal' which is close enough for me. A repeat of last winter might send me over the edge! Didn't you have a similar winter season... too much snow?

And speaking of edges.... I went over one and quit my job. It's still really fresh and I'm uncertain what the future holds just now. I did apply for a position at my favorite thrift store... I would love working there. I'll get first dibs on all those vintage goodies!

Lindy Mint said...

So maybe your time has flown by, but it certainly looks like you've filled it with so many good things. The inside of your bamboo patch looks absolutely dreamy. It makes me remember my grandfather's willow tree, and how much I loved sitting beneath it. Enjoy your last days!

SonyaAnn said...

Sounds like a bit of Heaven. You really are blessed!

The Witch said...

You have taken some amazing pictures. Michael looks like he had a good time out setting the traps.
Did you have lobster and potatoes for supper?
Sorry to hear you will be heading home this weekend The Summer really did fly by but it looks like you made the most of it.
Take care and drive safely home.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane and Michael ~ Never did make it back up west. Where or where did the summer go? What an incredible summer you two have had. Loved the article in the Journal Pioneer this week. Great photo of you two. Wishing you a safe journey home to Ontario. Looking forward to my reads this winter about your adventures. See you next summer with another veggie and meat box. Take care my friends!!!
Island hugs,

Marguerite said...

Jane, hopefully you've made it home safe and sound. Thanks for the lovely visit. Looking forward to next year when I can get a look at that bamboo patch myself. What a beautiful spot!

Anonymous said...

could you teach there to finish up the years til retirement? looks soooo nice and peaceful there with lots of fun stuff to do.

Jane said...

Susanna - a teaching job here would be nice but I still have my daughter living at home while she attends the local university so will be staying in London a few more years:)
Kendra - it sure went by quick didn't it?! Hopefully the school year will go by just as quick lol! We look forward to seeing you again next summer!
Marguerite - so wonderful to meet you finally! You can have some of my bamboo and start your own thicket? patch? grove? See you next year!

Jane said...

Michelle - hope you get the job at the thrift store - that would be right up my alley too! (some people buy up the right pieces and then re-sell them for a small profit - you could do that!)

jolie said...

I love living vicariously through you. Such great pictures! You are absolutely glowing in the second picture from the top. Vacation has served you well indeed!