Friday, August 19, 2011

All's Well that Ends Well

So Cora the Cobalt had a little accident last night, on the eve of our journey home.  I guess she doesn't want to leave either. We had gone into Alberton to enjoy one more wing night at our favorite pub - The Albert and Crown.
I was still on my first pint of Gahan's Sir John A when someone told me my car had been hit by a truck turning into the laneway of the pub. The driver had made too tight of a turn and a projection from his hubcap hooked our bumper pulling it partially off and breaking the grill. Oh poo. 
 Ironically, the driver (Jeremy) was on his way to say goodbye to us and to buy a couple of pounds of wings to take home. Thankfully we knew him (from previous wing nights) and know he's a good guy. I am writing this the morning after (yes, I'm back at the pub!) and Jeremy just dropped off the cash to pay for the repair. We were referred by another friend to an autobody shop near O'Leary and they are able to get a new bumper this afternoon. It will be painted and installed by sometime Saturday morning. So all in all the experience wasn't too terrible. 
Luckily it's a nice sunny day and we've been invited to the beach this afternoon and to a friend's house in Skinner's Pond to hear about 20 musicians take part in an informal jam session. Could be worse! (notice all the red mud we're taking home with us!)

The unfortunate part is we'll be missing a wedding back home tomorrow. And I had to open up my suitcase this morning and put on some wrinkled clothes!! We were all packed up for an early departure this morning so we have no food left (hence me sitting in a pub waiting for my lunch to arrive). So things are a little awkward but we're making the best of it. People feel sorry for us so they keep buying us coffees and breakfast sandwiches etc. 

Oh yes, Jeremy never did get any wings!


Mark said...

At first, I thought that you had too much to drink and well...
It is lucky that you know Jeremy and got this all settled quickly. He does sound like a good guy. But you all are a bunch of Wing Nuts if yo uask me! m.

~Carla~ said...

Well I'm glad it was an "honest" accident and he paid for it easily! :) Bummer about the wedding, but I guess it wasn't meant to be. Enjoy your last day on the island!!

Sharon said...

Bummer about the car, but glad it's getting fixed. It's kind of funny...because my car has been "hit" four times and all four times it's been "parked". Go figure. Only two of the times it's been hit has the culprit come forward. Glad you didn't have to pay for this yourself!!

Marguerite said...

oh no! so sorry to hear about this. what a terrible start to the trip home. at least the weather is cooperating and you get to partake in one last party. Safe travels.

Canadian Saver said...

Oh I'm just seeing this now, weird. Glad it wasn't worse!!